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Note that remodeling the entities did not require any changes in the database because we used a single-table-per-entity strategy, and we used the existing USER_TYPE column as the discriminator. You should carefully plan and execute such a refactoring; it requires more work and testing of your applications than just migrating your CMP entity beans to entity classes as is. But the payoff in maintenance costs can be more than worth that extra work if done correctly. In the next few sections, we ll focus on strategies that allow you to migrate entity beans to a JPA entity without doing any redesign.
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Listing 2.5 Data is created and is bound to the user interface elements of our Calendar web part control
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form, fix the order, and resubmit it back into the proper queue to continue being processed. This process is called repair and resubmit, and it s an important element to have in any enterprise processing engine. You won t be able to put the full order details into the queue message there won t be enough room. The message should contain a complete work ticket, representing where the order data can be found (perhaps via an order ID), as well as some state information, and any information that would be useful in routing the message through the state machine. This might include the service class of the customer, for example platinum versus silver. As the business changes over time, and it will, making changes to how the order is processed is much easier than trying to perform heart surgery on your older, super complicated, and bloated work role code. They don t say spaghetti code for nothing. For example, you might need to add a new step between steps 8 and 9 in our previous list. You could simply create a new queue and a new worker role to process that queue. Then the worker role for the state right before the new one would need to be updated to point to the new queue. Hopefully the changes to the existing parts of the system can be limited to configuration changes.
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Library JSON Framework TouchJSON Soap Client ToxicSOAP TouchXML Location Table 14.10 Download sites for social protocol libraries
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Suppose we have an instance of Greeter called friendlyPerson, and we want to call the greetPeople() method on that object. But we don t have the parameters
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As you continue to put together blocks of knowledge about how asynchronous postbacks work, you ll eventually have all the pieces to complete your understanding of a partial postback. You re more than halfway: All that remains is learning how the postback is processed and how the updates are applied. During the asynchronous postback When the request reaches the server, a new Page instance is created, and all the stages of the page lifecycle take place. These include events raised for other web controls on the page and routine events that occur during a typical postback. The server determines that the request is asynchronous by examining the headers in the request and finding the X-MicrosoftAjax field we mentioned earlier. Using a tool called Web Developer Helper, an IE browser plug-in developed by a member of the ASP.NET team, you can easily view the fields in the request made to the server. Figure 7.2 shows a screen shot of a captured request. This tool and others are discussed in appendix B. As you can see by examining the Request Headers tab in the dialog, the XMicrosoftAjax field is passed into the request along with the Cache-Control field we mentioned earlier. Figure 7.2 also gives you insight into the response coming from the server. Typically, a response from the server during a normal postback includes the
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<target name="do-all-builds" > <ant dir="common" inheritAll="false" target="${target}"/> <ant dir="ant" inheritAll="false" target="${target}"/> <ant dir="index" inheritAll="false" target="${target}"/> <ant dir="common" antfile="common-test.xml" inheritAll="false" target="${target}"/> <ant dir="tools" inheritAll="false" target="${target}"/> <ant dir="webapp" inheritAll="false" target="${target}"/> </target>
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Implementing common Ajax patterns
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static bool DoYouWantChocolateSauceWithThat(Toppings t) { return (t & Toppings.ChocolateSauce) != 0; }
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symbolAlert.setTimeout(Alert.FOREVER); displayMngr.setCurrent(symbolAlert, entryForm); } else if (entryForm.getSymbolField().getString().length() > 0) displayChartCanvas(); } } }; entryForm.setItemStateListener(itemListener); entryForm.setCommandListener(commandListener); } private void initCanvasListener() { CommandListener commandListener = new CommandListener() { public void commandAction(Command c, Displayable d) { if (c == chartCanvas.getExitCommand()) displayMngr.setCurrent(entryForm); } }; chartCanvas.setCommandListener(commandListener); } private void displayEntryForm () { if (entryForm == null) { entryForm = new EntryForm("RetrieveQuote"); } initListener(); displayMngr.setCurrent(entryForm); } private void displayChartCanvas() { if (chartCanvas == null) { chartCanvas = new ChartCanvas(); } String currentSymbol = entryForm.getSymbolField().getString(); int[] prices = retrievePrices(currentSymbol); if (prices != null) { if (prices.length > 2) { initCanvasListener(); displayMngr.setCurrent(chartCanvas); chartCanvas.displayChart(currentSymbol,prices[0],prices[2]); } else { Alert noDataAlert = new Alert("Recorded Price","Recorded price for " + currentSymbol + " is: $" + prices[0] + "." + prices[1] + ". No historical data exists.", null, AlertType.INFO); noDataAlert.setTimeout(Alert.FOREVER); displayMngr.setCurrent(noDataAlert, entryForm); } } else { Alert noDataAlert = new Alert("No prices", "No price exists data for " + currentSymbol, null, AlertType.INFO); noDataAlert.setTimeout(Alert.FOREVER); displayMngr.setCurrent(noDataAlert, entryForm); } }
To create a native SQL query, use createNativeQuery():
The web: web views and internet protocols
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namespace Example_7_6_ _ _ _Static_Fields { // declare a Cat class, stripped down public class Cat { // a private static member to keep track of how many Cat objects // have been created private static int instances = 0; private int weight; private String name; // cat constructor, increments the count of Cats public Cat( String name, int weight ) { instances++; = name; this.weight = weight; } // Static method to retrieve the current number of Cats public static void HowManyCats( ) { Console.WriteLine( "{0} cats adopted", instances ); } public void TellWeight( ) { Console.WriteLine( "{0} is {1} pounds", name, weight ); } } class Tester { public void Run( ) { Cat.HowManyCats( ); Cat frisky = new Cat( "Frisky", 5 ); frisky.TellWeight( ); Cat.HowManyCats( ); Cat whiskers = new Cat( "Whiskers", 7 );
<hibernate-mapping> <class name="Event"> <union-subclass name="NetworkEvent"> </union-subclass> <union-subclass name="FoodEvent"> </union-subclass> </class> </hibernate-mapping>
The Options command also brings up the Options dialog box that allows you to set a wide variety of options, ranging from the number of items to display in lists of recently used items to HTML Designer options.
If you re writing a Silverlight client, you ll find that WebClient offers only the asynchronous versions. And in general, that s true of all of Silverlight s networking support since Silverlight is designed just for building user interfaces, it doesn t even offer you the blocking forms.
The next few sections will take you through an example of implementing a cache. This is not meant to teach you how to write an enterprise capable cache controller. We re going to employ a simple caching approach using a Map. A more common case would be to plug in a third-party cache that has advanced features. We do not recommend that you make the following example your caching strategy of choice.
<!-- Classpath declaration --> <path id="project.classpath"> <fileset dir="${lib.dir}"> <include name="**/*.jar"/> <include name="**/*.zip"/> </fileset>
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