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Mixing search strategies
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UPDATE Seller s SET s.status = 'G', s.commissionRate = 10 WHERE s.lastName like 'PackRat%'
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Injects I/O interface
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The Customer class provides an API that adds accounts belonging to a customer and designates overdraft accounts. It also contains methods for getting the name, the list of accounts, and the list of overdraft accounts. The Account interface is based on the one we introduced in chapter 10 (listing 10.1), except here we add the concept of an associated customer to this interface. We use InsufficientBalanceException (from listing 10.2) without any modifications. Listing 12.3 shows the Account interface with the modifications indicated in bold.
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Distributed systems overview
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <deployment xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:jboss:bean-deployer bean-deployer_1_0.xsd" xmlns="urn:jboss:bean-deployer:2.0"> <!-- Enable a JCA datasource available through JNDI --> <bean name="helloWorldDatasourceFactory"
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While it is necessary to understand the correct syntax and rules for utilizing Ant s datatypes and properties, this is only scratching the surface. There are several practices that we recommend in order to realize far greater benefit from these abstractions: Use <property location="."/> to define file and paths. Use the value .. variant for other string values, including file name fragments if needed. Nest path definitions. For example, our application has a <path id="compile.classpath"> defined, and that same path along with some other dependencies are needed in our testing compilation and execution. Our <path id="test.classpath"> is defined as including <path refid="compile. classpath"/>. This is to eliminate duplication and increases maintainability and reusability. Using <filterset> to perform simple text substitutions during a build can accomplish powerful things like inserting dates or other dynamic build-time information. Be careful not to use it on binary files, however. Take advantage of conditional target execution and conditional patternset capabilities to allow your build to adapt to its environment. Perhaps it is acceptable if a dependency is not present, and its absence will simply omit some classes from compilation, testing, packaging, and deployment. For example, Ant s very own build makes extensive use of conditional patternsets to exclude compilation of the many optional tasks if their dependencies are not present; this allows Ant to be easily built with no configuration changes or need to install dependencies for unused tasks.
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The INumbersInterface implementation
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You want to invoke an EJB from an applet.
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Decoupling Hibernate from the web layer
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7.7.1 Solution 1: Refactor to avoid re-entrancy
Again, we haven t shown the include file, but it includes one variable, myDB, which is a reference to the database object linked to the menu. The initWithFile: method initializes myDB by creating the database object. The countForMenuWithParent: method is the first one to use the database B. It gets a sum of how many menu items there are at a particular level of the menu hierarchy. contentForMenuWithParent: C and integerForMenuWithParent: D are two other lookup functions. The first looks up database entries that return strings, and the second looks up database entries that return ints. This is required because, as you ll recall, SQLite has different database lookup functions for each of the variable types. Finally, the dealloc method cleans up the database, first closing it and then releasing the object. It s always important in Objective-C to keep track of which objects are responsible for which other objects. Here, the menu is responsible for the database, so it does the cleanup.
/* ----- Report #4: Fines owed by patron. */ SELECT PA.LastName + ', ' + PA.FirstName AS PatronName, PA.Barcode AS PatronBarcode, SUM(PC.Fine - PC.Paid) AS FinesDue FROM Patron AS PA INNER JOIN PatronCopy AS PC ON PA.ID = PC.Patron GROUP BY PA.LastName + ', ' + PA.FirstName, PA.Barcode HAVING SUM(PC.Fine - PC.Paid) > 0 ORDER BY PatronName
Listing 13.11 shows that we created a series of style rules that have different opacity levels. Using CSS rules instead of using JavaScript to manipulate the values is a matter of preference. By using CSS rules, we can change other properties; maybe we want the colors to change as the fading occurs, or maybe we want to increase the text size. Using CSS classes allows us to do that without adding any extra JavaScript code, and it also encapsulates the cross-browser differences in a single place. Now that we have created our classes, we can start the process of loading the RSS feed information into our divs.
Since each relational operation produces a new table from an existing table or tables, an SQL query might operate on the result table of a previous query. SQL lets you express this using a single query, by nesting the first query inside the second:
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