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var garment=new Garment(123);
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When we define more than one member in a type with the same name (be it a constructor or, as we ll see later, a method) we call this overloading. Initially, we created two constructors (two overloads of the constructor) for Polar Point3D, and they compiled just fine. This is because they took different sets of parameters. One took three doubles, the other two. In fact, there was also the third, hidden constructor that took no parameters at all. All three constructors took different numbers of parameters, meaning there s no ambiguity about which constructor we want when we initialize a new PolarPoint3D. The constructor in Example 3-31 seems different: the two doubles have different names. Unfortunately, this doesn t matter to the C# compiler it only looks at the types of the parameters, and the order in which they are declared. It does not use names for
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public static void deleteWidgetData(Context context,int widgetId) { Log.i(SiteMonitorModel.tag,"deleteWidgetData(" + widgetId + ")");
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Both text boxes must have a RequiredField validator. If the CompareValidator compares a string against a null or empty string value, it will pass validation.
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granularity maxmemory metamatahome tofile <classpath> <fileset> <jvmarg> <path> <sourcepath> Granularity of the audit. [compilation-units, files, methods, types, packages] Maximum memory for the JVM; optional. [String] The home directory containing the Metamata distribution; required. [File] Output XML file. [File] Classpath (also source path unless one explicitly set). [Path] The Java files or directory to audit. [Fileset] Additional optional parameters to pass to the JVM. New path (directory) to measure metrics from. [Path] Source path. [Path]
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Class SomeClass(Of T As System.Object)
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5.1.1 The SqlMap API for nonquery SQL statements
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Hey, that did the trick! The test tells us that we made good progress. Had the test failed, we could have continued to optimize until it passed. After showing off the improved catalog service to our customer, we add this test to our suite of performance tests. As we go forward, the automated test will continue to keep the response time of this use case in check.
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Listing 7.3
IFrames can be used to request data behind the scenes, as we just saw, but it is
Int16 UInt16
Table 4.4 Transitions let you animate changes of CSS properties. Property Values Various properties, including all Summary Defines the property to animate
In this section, you ve seen a few real-world examples of how to use location information in meaningful ways, but you ll find that you can make much better use of the information when you have an internet connection. When you do, you can feed longitudes and latitudes to various sites. For example, you can pull up maps with a site like Google Maps. You can also improve on the altitude information by instead requesting the geographic altitude of a location using a site like GeoNames. This won t be accurate if your user is in an airplane or a tall office building; but for the majority of situations, it ll be better than what the device can currently deliver. See chapter 14 for some examples of using Core Location with the internet.
public class Document : Note
Classes do not need to declare explicitly that they derive from Object; the inheritance is implicit.
You ve already worked with a number tree for page labels; now you ll work with a name tree: an array with ordered pairs of strings and values. In the addKids() method, you use the title of the outlines as the key and the destination of the outline, an array, as the value. You add the name tree to the document with the method addPdfObject(). An indirect object will be created, and you ll receive a PdfIndirectReference object that refers to this new object. You replace the /Names entry in the catalog with a new one that has a /Dests item. This /Dests item has a /Names entry referring to the newly created indirect object. If the catalog already has a /Names entry, the put() method will replace it, and you may break existing functionality. The examples in this chapter explain a mechanism; you shouldn t copy and paste the code snippets and use them as definitive solutions.
$im->Set(attribute => value, attribute => value, ...)
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