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var customersWithOrderDetails = dbContext.Customers. Include("SalesOrderHeaders.SalesOrderDetails"); Customer myCustomer = customersWithOrderDetails.Single( cust => cust.CustomerID == 29531); Console.WriteLine(myCustomer.SalesOrderHeaders.Count);
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Solution to Question 21-1. LINQ allows you to query several different types of data sources, including SQL Server databases, XML files, and in-memory collections. Solution to Question 21-2. A LINQ query returns a collection that implements IEnumerable. The type of the objects in the collection is irrelevant. Solution to Question 21-3. The select keyword returns the result of a LINQ query. Solution to Question 21-4. You don t need to use any special syntax to return a complex type from a LINQ query. The compiler can infer the type, even if it s unnamed. Solution to Question 21-5. The range variable in a LINQ query doesn t have to be any type; it just has to be a valid C# name. The compiler will infer its type. Solution to Question 21-6. The lambda expression in a LINQ query returns a method used to evaluate the data set. That data is projected onto the range variable. Solution to Question 21-7. When you use LINQ to SQL, you need to add a reference to the System.Data.Linq namespace, not the System.Linq namespace that s added by default and supports all the basic LINQ functions. Solution to Question 21-8. Use the [Table] attribute, with the Name of the table to define a class as representing a SQL table. Solution to Question 21-9. To add table classes in the Object Relational Designer, you must establish a connection to the database, and then simply drag the tables onto the design surface. The classes will be generated for you automatically. Solution to Question 21-10. The constructor of the data context class using the Object Relational Designer doesn t require any parameters; it s generated automatically.
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getStatus() The getStatus() method returns an integer that can be compared to constants defined in the javax.transaction.Status interface. A sophisticated programmer
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SHOULD I USE GETTER OR FIELD ACCESS There s no performance impact in using one or the other, nor is there any advantage with regard to Hibernate Search. Choosing is more a matter of architectural taste. The authors tend to prefer getter access because it allows an abstraction over the object state. Also, the Java Persistence specification requires accessing data through getters for maximum portability. In any case, consistency is
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Querying persistent objects
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javax.persistence.IdClass Used to define a composite primary key.
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Finally, let s examine the added state and behavior that is in the Tags. A Tag class declares a static array and counter that stores the tag names as they come in. Any tag decorator object can then call the ListTags method to show all the tags currently in play. The full program is given in Example 2-2.
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4.1 Drawing with GD 39 4.2 Drawing with Image::Magick 46 4.3 Combining GD and Image::Magick 53 4.4 Drawing with Term::Gnuplot 55 4.5 PostScript and SVG 59 4.6 Summary 59
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Clever graphics and smart phones
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Scalability: using Hibernate Search in a cluster
10: Putting It All Together
This swaps freely between using the array and the indexer, and as the output shows, items set through one mechanism are visible through the other:
Table 7-1. Form properties Property
7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 Example deployment problems Tasks for deployment 165 FTP-based distribution of a packaged application 171 Email-based distribution of a packaged application 173 164 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 Local deployment to Tomcat 4.x 174 Remote deployment to Tomcat 181 Testing deployment 187 Summary 187
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