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Change the level of your loggers A large application might have thousands of log messages of varying levels. Modify your logging configuration file to output only the absolutely necessary messages into your logs. Disabling messages will improve the overall performance of your application. For example, if you have tested your application in production, you might want to turn off the debugging statements that are no longer necessary.
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This project requires one more framework beyond the defaults provided by the ViewBased Application template: MediaPlayer.framework. To add it, right-click Frameworks and select Add; then, select Existing Frameworks. Search for MediaPlayer.framework and select it.
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11.4.2 Describing the persistence module with persistence.xml
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reportEntry.Description = GetBuiltinReportDescription( _ reportEntry.ItemType)
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In this chapter we ve seen in greater depth how to use the standard scene graph nodes to build fairly sophisticated pieces of UI, we ve looked at how to include images and video in our JavaFX applications, and we ve played around with gradient paints. We ve also seen our first example of plugging an effect (reflection) into the scene graph. Writing good scene graph code is all about planning. JavaFX gives you some powerful raw building blocks; you have to consider the best way to fit them together for the effect you re trying to achieve. Always be aware that a scene graph is a different beast than something like Swing or Java 2D. It s a structured representation of the graphics on screen, and as such we need to ensure it includes layout and spacing information, because we don t have direct control of the actual pixel painting as we do in Java 2D. Transparent shapes can be used to enforce spacing around parts of our scene graph, but they can also be used as a central event target.
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- (BOOL)didShake:(UIAcceleration *)acceleration { accelX = ((acceleration.x * kFilteringFactor) + (accelX * (1 - kFilteringFactor))); float moveX = acceleration.x - accelX; accelY = ((acceleration.x * kFilteringFactor) + (accelY * (1 - kFilteringFactor))); float moveY = acceleration.x - accelY; if (lasttime && acceleration.timestamp > lasttime + .25) { BOOL result; if (shakecount >= 3 && biggestshake >= 1.25) { result = YES; } else {
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Listing 15.2 PlaceBid EJB as a web service Exposes web service @WebService(targetNamespace = "urn:ActionBazaarPlaceBidService") @SOAPBinding(style = SOAPBinding.Style.DOCUMENT) @Stateless(name = "PlaceBid") Defines binding style public class PlaceBidBean implements PlaceBid { @PersistenceContext private EntityManager em; public PlaceBidBean() { }
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/** * Mocks the passivation/activation process by manually invoking * upon the {@link PrePassivate} and {@link PostActivate} lifecycle * callbacks. The client should function properly after these calls are made, * reconnecting as expected, and resuming into the correct present working * directory * * @throws Exception */ @Test public void testPassivationAndActivation() throws Exception { // Log"testPassivationAndActivation"); // Get the client final FileTransferCommonBusiness client = this.getClient(); // Switch to home final String home = getFtpHome().getAbsolutePath();;
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12.3.2 Implementing the Hijax technique
Public Function DigitsOnly(ByVal origText As String) As String ' ----- Return only the digits found in a string. Dim destText As String Dim counter As Integer ' ----- Examine each character. destText = "" For counter = 1 To Len(origText) If (IsNumeric(Mid(origText, counter, 1))) Then _ destText &= Mid(origText, counter, 1) Next counter Return destText End Function
In this concrete aspect, we add a definition for the getPermission() method. In our implementation, we return a new BankingPermission class with the name of the method obtained from the join point s static information as the permission identification string. This permission scheme is identical to the one we used for the conventional solution in listing 10.15. 10.6.2 Testing the solution When we compile all the classes and aspects and run the test program, we see output similar to the following:
quality of service 145 Query 47 query across multiple fields 228 ad hoc 212, 386 Boolean 283 boosting 375 378 building 166 correlated 89, 104 escape special characters 226 explaining 191 explanation 198 full-text 161 fuzzy 208 generating custom 224 grouping expressions 212 Hibernate Search 46, 163 HQL vs. Hibernate Search 48 improve readability 211 interface 164 JPA-QL query vs. Hibernate Search 48 Lucene 44 mimicry 163 more like this 81 multiple analyzers 221 multiple terms 372
This appendix contains a list of links to interesting sites about iText, PDF, and techniques that were used in this book. For an updated version of this list, visit the iText site (
What s in a name Well, if it s the author names in the Library Project, they might include first and last names, prefixes (such as Dr. ) and suffixes ( Jr. ), and dates for birth and death. Some of those parts are optional, so formatting the author name is a multistep process. Since the application will need to format author names in several places throughout the code, let s add a central routine, FormatAuthorName, that does the work for us.
18.3 AutoMapper basics
The exception introduction pattern
destfile extraoptions failonerror language namespace server srcfile url Name of the file to generate. [File] Any extra WSDL.EXE options that aren t explicitly supported by the Ant wrapper task; optional. [String] Should failure halt the build Optional, default=true. [Boolean] Language; default is CS, generating C# source. [CS, JS, or VB] Namespace to place the source in. [String] Flag to enable server-side code generation; optional, default=false. [Boolean] The local WSDL file to parse; either url or srcfile is required. [File] URL to fetch. [String]
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