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All of the requirements for building iBATIS are in the repository either as JAR files or as stub classes that satisfy the compile-time requirements. The repository has the top-level directories shown in table 3.1.
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The servlet maintains a map of XMLCommandProcessor objects that are configured here through the ServletConfig interface b. A more mature framework might provide its own XML config file. When processing an incoming POST request c, we use JDOM to parse the XML data d and then iterate through the <command> tags matching type attributes to XMLCommandProcessors e. The map holds class definitions, from which we create live instances using reflection in the getCommand() method f. The XMLCommandProcessor interface consists of a single method:
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You can create as many appenders as you need in a log configuration file, and you can assign as many appenders to a single logger as you want. Each appender is independent of any others assigned to the same logger; each log message is reproduced and sent through each appender on its list.
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<asp:Panel ID="shoppingCart" runat="server" CssClass="cart"> <div class="header"> <span>Shopping Cart</span> <div>Tip: Drag and Drop books over here!</div> </div> <asp:Repeater ID="repArticles" runat="server"> <ItemTemplate> <div id="article"> <asp:Label ID="lblQuantity" runat="server"> <%# Eval("Quantity") %></asp:Label> <asp:Image ID="imgArticle" runat="server" Height="32" Width="32" ImageUrl='<%# Eval("ImageUrl") %>' ImageAlign="AbsMiddle" />
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We start with the first character, which is W. Then we continue on in order from left to right:
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Adding Ajax to the ASP.NET Login control
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naming conventions 329 Narrow Servlet Bridges antipattern 113, 125 narrowing 112 .NET 6, 29 network latency 62 network traffic 65 non-persistent messages 180 nonrelational back-end 38 NotSupported and rollback 93
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Integrating legacy databases
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D.1 D.2 D.3 D.4 Downloading the Wireless Toolkit 464 Installing the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 465 Hello World project revisited 466 Summary 472
8.7 Summary
function show_details(link) { var box = $(".selected-speaker"); $("#indicator").show();
Your friendly author, Tim Patrick, is about to rant on and on about something that really bugs him. Why not join him in this rant
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create procedure swap(a in out integer, b in out integer) as temp integer; begin temp := a; a := b; b := temp; end;
Including new features The search form we created uses a single textbox and a single submit button to perform the search. We can easily adapt this search to use multiple parameters, such as additional search parameters with the contact name or country. All we have to do is send the additional parameters back to the server and have the server-side code check for them. That means the users can have additional ways to look for information, making the form more useful. We could add other Ajax features to this script, such as the double combination script, as we did in chapter 9. This would help reduce the possibilities from which the user can choose. We can implement techniques from chapter 10 with the type-ahead suggest, too. Supporting Opera and Safari If you recall, we have a problem with Opera and Safari not supporting either the transformNode() method or the XSLTProcessor object. We have two options for supporting Opera and Safari. The first one is to use Ajax to send the files to a server-side page for processing. The server-side code can combine the XML and
As you begin work with the SDK, you re not just approaching a new programming language for the iPhone, but a totally new way to create iPhone programs. This means you have to learn an entirely new programming suite. The SDK is our toolbox. Its most important elements are Xcode, the integrated development environment, and Interface Builder, the graphical object creator. Objective-C is our programming language. It s an object-oriented version of C that has some pretty unique syntax thanks to its elegant Smalltalk inspiration. Once you get used to it, you ll find it simple and easy to read. The iPhone OS is a layered set of frameworks, which contains everything you need to make your iPhone programming easy. Much of the rest of this book will talk about how to make use of the right frameworks at the right time. With all of that in your back pocket, you re ready to start programming using the SDK, a task that will begin on the next page when we dive into the Xcode program that you downloaded at the start of this chapter.
Yeah, I don t really get it, either. But that s OK. Visual Studio connected it all up for us.
Interacting with user2 Repeating the first interaction Repeating the second interaction
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