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The idea of web services is taking the technology industry by storm, due in large part to vigorous support from software giants such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft. It is central to Microsoft s .NET strategy, as well as those of IBM, Sun, and numerous other companies. Since web services appear destined to succeed, we discuss building and using web services in the J2EE environment in this section. As XML messaging technologies such as SOAP have gained momentum, moving distributed application architectures away from tightly coupled technologies such as CORBA and RMI has become possible. The web services architecture is a loosely coupled, service-oriented environment in which applications expose functionality to one another over the Web. This type of architecture maximizes the flexibility and interoperability of distributed applications. Because it is based on open standards such as XML and HTTP, it is completely vendor- and implementation-independent. A web service created using C++ and Microsoft s .NET development tools can be consumed by a Java component running in a J2EE container. And once these services become pervasive, new types of applications that aggregate a set of services into completely integrated, inter-enterprise distributed systems will be possible.
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Table 15-2. StringBuilder members Method or property
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Often, some properties of an object are prefixed with an underscore as is the case with _name and _age to suggest that they should be considered private. However, this remains a naming convention only because properties of objects can t have a private scope. Despite what happens in Java or C#, where you can use the private modifier to prevent external objects from accessing a member of a class, in JavaScript the properties of an object are always publicly accessible. By using closures, you can treat local variables defined in a function as private members. But the convention offers a number of advantages, including the ability to inspect members from a debugger.
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Figure 3.4 A brand-new class makes it easy to display a URL and call it up on the screen. You ve created the first step in building a web browser.
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The Chain of Responsibility pattern works with a list of Handler objects that have limitations on the nature of the requests they can deal with. If an object cannot handle a request, it passes it on to the next object in the chain. At the end of the chain, there can be either default or exceptional behavior.
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The default values for initialValue and allocationSize are 0 and 50, respectively. It s handy that the sequence generator need not be created in the same entity in which it is used. As a matter of fact, any generator is shared among all entities in the persistence module and therefore each generator must be uniquely named in a persistence module. Finally, we can reimplement the generated key for the USER_ID column as follows:
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Cluster scope cache Shared between multiple processes on the same machine or between multiple machines in a cluster. Here, network communication is an important point worth consideration.
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Games inherently exhibit strategy. Our next example demonstrates how the State pattern can handle a very simple game called RPC (which stands for Run, Panic, Calm Down). In this single-person game, the player can be in one of four states: Resting Attacking Panicking Moving The context of the game consists of the state the player is in at present. Even slightly more complex games have other attributes, such as the number of points scored for and against. The Requests that can be put through (in terms of the State pattern) are the moves the player can make, which are the ones to which the states must react. These are specified in the State abstract class as follows:
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Listing 12.7 shows that each queried term has it own calculation set, as you d expect. The individual term scores C and D are composed of the product of the query weight and the field weight. These scores are in turn summed to produce the raw score B. We have space for one last example. We ll override the coord factor to demonstrate how scoring multiterm matches can be altered.
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Using EJBs from JSPs requires knowledge of constructing the correct JNDI initial context and good coding practices. This recipe shows solutions for both remote and local EJBs.
The first file created by Xcode is main.m, which contains the main function. main.m comes with standard code preinstalled for you, as you can see here:
package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch05.encryption; /** * Contains the contract for operations common to * all business interfaces of the EncryptionEJB * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> */ public interface EncryptionCommonBusiness { // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Contracts -----------------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Encrypts the specified String, returning the result * * @param input * @return * @throws IllegalArgumentException If no input was provided (null) * @throws EncryptionException If some problem occurred with encryption */ String encrypt(String input) throws IllegalArgumentException, Encryption Exception; /** * Decrypts the specified String, returning the result. The general * contract is that the result of decrypting a String encrypted with * {@link EncryptionCommonBusiness#encrypt(String)} will be equal * by value to the original input (round trip). * * @param input * @return * @throws IllegalArgumentException If no input was provided (null) * @throws EncryptionException If some problem occurred with decryption */ String decrypt(String input) throws IllegalArgumentException, Encryption Exception; /** * Returns a one-way hash of the specified argument. Useful * for safely storing passwords. * * @param input * @return * @throws IllegalArgumentException If no input was provided (null)
Run the example and notice that the chart is able to change its state based upon the data number that is entered into the textbox. Congratulations, you ve just created your first web part connection! I m sure that even such a simple example has sparked your interest to understand exactly what is happening, and how the data is being passed around. To begin the discovery process, let s lift the hood and take a look at the components that make up a web part connection.
Entering [ShoppingCartOperator.addShoppingCartItem] [This: null] [Args: (ShoppingCart@30c221,Inventory@e48e1b,Item: 1)] Entering [Inventory.removeItem] [This: Inventory@e48e1b] [Args: (Item: 1)] Entering [ShoppingCart.addItem] [This: ShoppingCart@30c221] [Args: (Item: 1)] Entering [ShoppingCartOperator.addShoppingCartItem] [This: null] [Args: (ShoppingCart@30c221,Inventory@e48e1b,Item: 2)] Entering [Inventory.removeItem] [This: Inventory@e48e1b] [Args: (Item: 2)] Entering [ShoppingCart.addItem] [This: ShoppingCart@30c221] [Args: (Item: 2)
public class StockFilter extends Filter { private volatile long lastUpdateTime;
Even after communication has been secured, there are additional risks at the application level. One is that an external entity might access resources it should not. Another is that an external entity might gain access to resources by falsifying its identity. To address these concerns, every distributed application must have an authentication model and an authorization model.
A service is a general set of functions that can be used in various ways by specialized applications. Services usually only have one primary function, like locating resources or printing documents.
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