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Listing 11.5 Support methods for our LDAP DAO implementation
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The methodsNeedingBusinessRules() pointcut captures all the join points where we need to evaluate business rules. This pointcut typically captures invocation of all important methods in the business logic. For each join point, the pointcut also collects the context that will be needed to evaluate the rules. The advice body to the methodsNeedingBusinessRules() pointcut may embed the rule evaluation logic directly in its body, in which case it fires actions for the matching rules. If a rule engine is used, the advice initializes the rule engine with the collected context and requests that the rule engine evaluate the rules. The rule engine, in turn, performs the actions associated with all rules that evaluate to true.
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The simplest way to use Cocoon is to add special processing instructions to your XML data documents. These processing instructions allow Cocoon to process and format your data and deliver it to a requesting client. Supported output formats include WML, PDF, XML, and XHTML.
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clear. You ve created a Brush as a resource before; now you ll make one for the entire Window element, in a Window.Resources section. This brush will be a LinearGradientBrush, which is a bit fancier than the Fill brush you used before. The gradient brush uses a nice shading effect that changes gradually through the colors identified in the GradientStop elements. The exact details aren t important, but you should note that we re giving this resource a name, as all resources have, so we can use it on the ListBox later. Create a Window.Resources section at the top of your XAML file, and add this code:
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The first thing to note in ReviewAdapter is that it extends BaseAdapter. BaseAdapter is an Adapter implementation that provides basic event-handling support. Adapter itself is an interface in the android.Widget package that provides a way to bind data to a View with some common methods. This is often used with collections of data, as we saw with Spinner and ArrayAdapter in listing 3.1. Another common use is with a CursorAdapter, which returns results from a database (something you ll see in chapter 5). Here we re creating our own Adapter because we want it to return a custom View.
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orientation), it maps a much larger virtual window to that screen when you run Safari. The default virtual window (or viewport) is 980 pixels wide, which is then scaled down by a factor of approximately 3:1 or 2:1. Figure 3.1 details what this viewport entails by showing the non-scaled content that can appear in the live area of each of the iPhone s two orientations. If you choose to stay with the default viewport size, figure 3.1 tells you a lot about how web pages will display to your viewers. In portrait mode, things will appear much as you d expect, as the viewport will be approximately square; everything above 1090 pixels will appear above the fold. In landscape mode viewers will see a much abbreviated page, with only the first 425 pixels appearing above the fold. Fortunately, you re not stuck with the default viewport size. You have two ways to change it. First, any web page served on a .mobi domain and any web page containing mobile XHTML markup automatically uses an alternative default viewport of 320 pixels. Second, you can purposefully change the viewport of any web page by introducing the new viewport metatag. You ll probably do this through a default header that you load across your entire site:
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In a WPF application, you use the Close( ) method to end the application, rather than Application.Exit( ), as you would in Windows Forms. To get the controls of each type to have the same appearance, you ll define a Style element as a resource. Resources are generally scoped to particular elements. You could create a resource for each individual control, but it s easier to do it at the scope of the Window element.
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The data encryption and security features included with .NET appear in the System. Security.Cryptography namespace. Most of the classes in this namespace implement various well-known encryption algorithms that have been accepted by organizations and governments as dependable encryption standards. For instance, the DESCryptoServiceProvider class provides features based on the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm, an algorithm originally developed by IBM in the mid-1970s.
While we have focused on the use of the worker object creation pattern to ensure thread safety, a small variation of the same theme can be used to improve the responsiveness of UI applications. For example, a common need in UI applications is to avoid locking the GUI when performing a time-consuming task. Let s say that you want to implement a time-consuming task, such as sending an email. You do not want to lock up the UI while the email is being sent. Let s consider the example class in listing 9.12.
One of the key features of Ant, besides the numerous built-in and optional tasks it can perform, is its ability to dynamically construct path variables at execution time, specifically a classpath. As we mentioned in the previous section, a <path> is just one type of element found in an Ant build file. Ant dynamically constructs path variables by evaluating one or more <pathelement> and/or <fileset> elements contained within a <path> definition. A <pathelement> points at a file system directory, and adds all the contents of that directory to the path being defined. A <fileset> is more powerful, allowing you to filter the contents of a directory being added to the path. You can specify files to be excluded either explicitly or using regular expressions. To see how this works, let us look at an example. Suppose you define a <path> element in your build file as follows:
if (!found) { byteRec = newRecord.getBytes(); quoteDB.addRecord(byteRec); }
This isn t the first time you ve worked with annotations. Whenever you created links for instance, using the Anchor class (see section 2.3.1) or using the Chunk method setAction() (see section 7.1.1) you were creating a link annotation. In the next couple of examples, you ll create a clickable image and add clickable rectangles to the timetable.
Welcome to the future: introducing JavaFX
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There s only a single table, since the component, Address, is bound by its parent, Location.
Application Control Graphical User Interface Persistent Storage, specifically an interface to the Palm OS Data Manager Additional collections.
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