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The OpenJFX project s own language documentation goes into some detail on how binding works and possible side effects that may occur if a particular set of circumstances conspire. You need to know two things when working with binds. First, you aren t free to put just any old code inside a bind s body; it has to be an expression (a single unit of code that returns a value). This means, for example, you can t update the value of an outside variable (that is, one defined outside the bind) from within the body of code associated with a bind. This makes sense the idea is to define relationships between data sources and their interfaces; bindings are not general-purpose triggers for running code when variables are accessed.
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Date and time literals are surrounded by number signs instead of quote marks. The date or time (or both) that you include can be in any format recognized by Microsoft Windows in your specific region. If you are using Visual Studio, it will reformat your date when you type in the literal:
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able to make informed, consistent decisions. In addition, at the start of the pit boss s shift, he can make the rounds and do whatever startup tasks he deems necessary.
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In the last chapter, we discussed how information can be saved and retrieved on the iPhone and iPad. Those techniques are great for simple data such as user preferences, but what happens when you want to save thousands of records Saving large amounts of information to NSUserDefaults would be awkward and clunky, and serialization is too slow. The solution is to use a relational database. Apple has provided a couple of options for mass storage using relational databases. These options are SQLite and Core Data. We ll look at both as well as the built-in Address Book framework, which isn t related to data storage but has some complexities of its own. SQLite is a compact version of MySQL. Even though it doesn t offer as many field types as MySQL, it s still a powerful method of storage. One of the greatest strengths of an SQLite database is its portability. Unlike MySQL, it doesn t require a
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Popover and modal view controllers
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To connect a HID device, you have to find it
Hold on the MESSAGE_ID column is being initialized to a strange value. We didn t set the id property of message anywhere, so we would expect it to be null, right Actually, the id property is special: It s an identifier property it holds a generated unique value. (We ll discuss how the value is generated later.) The value is assigned to the Message instance by Hibernate when save() is called. For this example, we assume that the MESSAGES table already exists. In chapter 9, we ll show you how to use Hibernate to automatically create the tables your application needs, using just the information in the mapping files. (There s some more SQL you won t need to write by hand!) Of course, we want our Hello World program to print the message to the console. Now that we have a message in the database, we re ready to demonstrate this. The next example retrieves all messages from the database, in alphabetical order, and prints them:
Although convenient and resistant to developer error, container-managed concurrency does not cover the full breadth of concerns that multithreaded code must address. In these cases the specification makes available the full power of the Java language s concurrent tools by offering a bean-managed concurrency mode. This scenario opens the gates to full multithreaded access to the singleton bean, and it is the onus of the bean provider to manually apply the synchronized and volatile keywords to safeguard the bean instance in support of parallel invocations.
int maxNumFragmentsRequired = 3; for ( Dvd p : results ) { String text = p.getDescription(); TokenStream tokenStream = analyzer.tokenStream( description, new StringReader( text ) ); String result = highlighter.getBestFragments( tokenStream, text, maxNumFragmentsRequired, " ..." ); assert result != null : "null result"; assert result.length()>0 : "0 length result"; System.out.println( result ); } readerProvider.closeReader( reader ); for ( Object element : s.createQuery( "from " + Dvd.class.getName() ).list() ) s.delete( element ); tx.commit(); } finally { s.close(); } private void buildIndex( FullTextSession session ) throws Exception { getReader( session ) Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); for ( int x = 0; x < desc.length; x++ ) { Dvd dvd = new Dvd(); dvd.setId(x); dvd.setDescription( desc[x] ); dvd ); }
Caches a reference to persistence manager factory
There are some reasons for using triggers even in a brand-new database, so legacy data isn t the only scenerio in which they can cause problems. Triggers and object state management with an ORM software are almost always an issue, because triggers may run at inconvenient times or may modify data that isn t synchronized with the in-memory state. Triggers that run on INSERT Suppose the ITEM table has a CREATED column, mapped to a created property of type Date, that is initialized by a trigger that executes automatically on insertion. The following mapping is appropriate:
Testing routes
One final note to keep in mind value providers are evaluated in the order that they re added to the ValueProviderFactories.Factories collection. In our example, the SessionValueProviderFactory was added after all the default, built-in value provider factories. This means that if we ve a posted form value of "CurrentUser", its value will be used instead of the Session value.
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