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Figure 8.6 Actions displayed in Common Tasks area when the page is in revision mode.
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When you click on Configure Data Source, you invoke a wizard that will walk you through the steps of configuring your data source hooking up the control to the underlying data table(s). The first step is to create (or choose) a data connection as seen in Figure 4-4.
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This global pessimistic lock limits the cluster scalability. As shown in figure 5.1, all nodes willing to write must wait for the current writer to release the lock. To avoid the scalability problem, Hibernate Search provides a recommended architecture to cluster a Lucene-based full-text indexing system. As shown in figure 5.2, one master node is solely responsible for updating the Lucene index while nonwriters (the slaves) execute full-text queries on a local copy of the index. On a regular basis, each slave updates incrementally its local version from the published master version. This architecture has interesting advantages:
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The loop syntax gives us an easy way to create loops within loops, allowing us, for example, to drill down to access sequences inside objects within sequences. In listing 3.25 we use a sequence of SoccerTeam objects, each containing a sequence of player names.
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{ _kernel = kernel; } protected override IController GetControllerInstance( RequestContext requestContext, Type controllerType) { return _kernel.Get(controllerType) as IController; } }
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Connecting to the Internet
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Listing 3.20
BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 7 seconds.
When you ve completed the table setup, click Next, to move to the last page of the Wizard, and then click the Test Query button. The test fails, as shown in Figure 4-9.
Creating a UserType Instead, we should create a MonetaryAmount class that encapsulates both currency and amount. Note that this is a class of the domain model; it doesn t have any dependency on Hibernate interfaces:
This practice of probing for classes and making parts of the build process conditional on their presence is very powerful: it helps you write a build file that integrates with components that are not guaranteed to be on all developers desks. 5.2.12 Setting a timeout Ant 1.5 extended the <java> task with a timeout attribute that lets you specify the maximum time in milliseconds that a spawned Java application can run. Only use this attribute in a forked JVM, as the stability of Ant itself may be at risk after it forcibly terminates the timed out <java> thread. We will look at timeouts shortly in section 5.3.2, in connection with <exec>.
Begins EntityTransaction
You ve now played around with your first table; it s time to pick up the thread started in the previous examples and return to the movie database.
To pass the client s credentials to the EJB container, create the JNDI InitialContext object using a set of properties that defines the client s credentials (listing 7.1).
Invoke Info
<property environment="env"/> <property name="" location="${user.home}/"/> <property file=""/> <property file="${}"/> <property <property <property <property <property <property <property <property <property <property name="root.dir" location="${basedir}"/> name="masterbuild.dir" location="${root.dir}/.."/> file="${masterbuild.dir}/"/> name="src.dir" location="${root.dir}/src"/> name="build.dir" location="build"/> name="build.classes.dir" location="${build.dir}/classes"/> name="dist.dir" location="dist"/> name="dist.bin.dir" location="${dist.dir}/bin"/> name="doc.dir" location="doc"/> name="javadoc.dir" location="${doc.dir}/javadoc"/>
Listing 10.11
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