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Implementing More Than One Interface |
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Throughout this book, we will use int wherever it works, even if short or byte might be usable alternatives. Memory is cheap these days, and programmer time is expensive. There are circumstances where the difference in memory usage would be significant (for example, if you are going to hold 1 billion values in memory), but we ll keep things simple by using the int type whenever possible.
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public void Add(IArticle article) { foreach (IArticle art in this.Cart) { if (art.Id == article.Id) { art.Quantity++; this.DataBind(); OnArticleAdd(this, EventArgs.Empty); return; } } article.Quantity++; this.Cart.Add(article); this.DataBind(); OnArticleAdd(this, EventArgs.Empty); }
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Hibernate with Tomcat Tomcat isn t a Java EE application server; it s just a servlet container, albeit a servlet container with some features usually found only in application servers. One of these features may be used with Hibernate: the Tomcat connection pool. Tomcat uses the DBCP connection pool internally but exposes it as a JNDI datasource, just like a real application server. To configure the Tomcat datasource, you need to edit server.xml, according to instructions in the Tomcat JNDI/JDBC documentation. Hibernate can be configured to use this datasource by setting hibernate.connection.datasource. Keep in mind that Tomcat doesn t ship with a transaction manager, so you still have plain JDBC transaction semantics, which Hibernate can hide with its optional Transaction API. Alternatively, you can deploy a JTA-compatible standalone transaction manager along with your web application, which you should consider to get the standardized UserTransaction API. On the other hand, a regular application server (especially if it s modular like JBoss AS) may be easier to configure than Tomcat plus DBCP plus JTA, and it provides better services.
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Domain model the application core
Figure 19.6 A jet approaches, thanks to Core Animation.
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