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Now we ll look at using the onboard microphone to record audio. In this section, we re going to use the Android MediaRecorder example from Google Android Developers list, which you can find at The code shown in this section has been updated slightly. Audio capture requires a physical device running Android because it s not currently supported in the Android emulator.
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function addParam(form,key,value){ var input=document.createElement("input");; input.value=value; form.appendChild(input); }
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namespace Exercise_14_3 { abstract public class Animal : IComparable { protected int weight; protected string name; public Animal(int weight, string name) { this.weight = weight; = name; } abstract public void Speak( ); abstract public void Move( ); abstract public override string ToString( ); public int CompareTo(Object rhs) { Animal otherAnimal = rhs as Animal; if (otherAnimal != null) { return this.weight.CompareTo(otherAnimal.weight); } else { throw new ApplicationException("Expected to compare animals"); } } } public class Dog : Animal { public string Breed { get; set; } public Dog(int weight, string name, string breed) : base(weight, name) { this.Breed = breed; } public override void Speak( ) { Console.WriteLine("Woof"); } public override void Move( ) { Console.WriteLine("Run, run, run, drool."); } public override string ToString( )
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An introduction to Core Data
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[BugFix(123, "Jesse Liberty", "01/01/08", Comment="Off by one")]
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Listing 3.18 Boosting an entity (among others)
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Notifications and alarms
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This is much better. The markup in listing 18.5 addresses more of the what and where and less of the how. We re still encoding every property B because there are global rules that must be applied. Although the manual mapping scenario we saw in listing 18.4 is a marked improvement over rendering the domain model directly, it s still extremely tedious to write, expensive to maintain, error prone, and brittle. We can test it, but on a system featuring dozens of screens, this testing effort can bog down a project. Now that you understand the problem AutoMapper solves, you can start to use it for some mapping tasks. AutoMapper allows us to forgo the manual mapping code, and gives us a hook to enable custom global or specific formatting rules. Instead of the imperative code we wrote in listing 18.4, we can declare the mapping and have AutoMapper perform the mapping behavior for us.
request = TopicSubscriber.receive() TopicPublisher.publish(reply)
Many messages include a simple command, as in the previous example. But sometimes you ll want to send one or more arguments along with a message to provide more information about what you want done. When you send a single argument, you do so by adding a colon and the argument after the message, like so:
Rule specification and the GUI output An attribute (e.g., Top) A tag (e.g., TextBox) Process of transforming the XML to the GUI
public void addOverdraftAccount(Account overdraftAccount) { _overdraftAccounts.add(overdraftAccount); } Overdraft public Collection getOverdraftAccounts() { return _overdraftAccounts; } }
string capitalOfArkansas = stateCapitals[3];
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item.setWinningBid(winningBid); item.setBuyer( winningBid.getBidder() ); // Charge seller Payment payment = new Payment(item); paymentDAO.makePersistent(payment); // Notify seller and winner ... // End unit of work sf.getCurrentSession().getTransaction().commit(); } catch (RuntimeException ex) { try { sf.getCurrentSession().getTransaction().rollback(); } catch (RuntimeException rbEx) { log.error("Couldn't roll back transaction," rbEx); } throw ex; } } ... }
Figure A.3
Make sure you have Java installed on the server where you want to run Selenium RC server. Extract Selenium RC server to the destination server: for example, c:\tools\ seleniumrc directory. Get Non-Sucking Service Manager (NSSM) and copy it to your tools folder. Issue nssm.exe install SeleniumRC from the command line. You re asked what program you want to start as a service (see figure 7.14).
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