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Although this code does not inherit from BaseCodeForm as other record editors do, it still has many of the features of those forms, including a SaveFormData routine that writes records to the database. One interesting thing that this form does have is support for reading bar codes. Many bar code readers act as a wedge, inserting the text of a scanned bar code into the keyboard input stream of the computer. Any program monitoring for bar codes simply has to monitor normal text input. Bar code wedge scanners append a carriage return (the Enter key) to the end of the transmitted bar code. This lets a program detect the end of the bar code number. But in most of the Library program s forms, the Enter key triggers the OK button and closes the form. We don t want that to happen here. To prevent this, we ll add some code to this form that disables the auto-click on the OK button whenever the insertion point is in the Barcode text entry field.
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Dim inputStream As IO.StreamReader = _ My.Computer.FileSystem.OpenTextFileReader( _ fileNamePath)
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public void ReportResult(PlayMedia playerDelegate) { if (playerDelegate( ) == 0) { Console.WriteLine("Media played successfully."); } else { Console.WriteLine("Media did not play successfully."); } }
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We create a buffer which is at least 100 bytes long. We then Read from the source and Write to the target, using the buffer as the intermediary. Notice that the Write method takes the same parameters as the read: the buffer, an offset into that buffer, and the number of bytes to write (which in this case is the number of bytes read from the source buffer, hence the slightly confusing variable name). As with Read, it steadily advances the current position in the stream as it writes, just like that ticker tape. Unlike Read, Write will always process as many bytes as we ask it to, so with Write, there s no need to keep looping round until it has written all the data. Obviously, we need to keep looping until we ve read everything from the source stream. Notice that we keep going until Read returns 0. This is how streams indicate that we ve reached the end. (Some streams don t know in advance how large they are, so you can rely on the Length property for only certain kinds of streams such as FileStream. Testing for a return value of 0 is the most general way to know that we ve reached the end.)
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<serviceMethodRequest id="timeServiceMethod" url="DateTimeService.asmx" methodName="GetTimeAsString"> <parameters formatString="ddd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss" /> </serviceMethodRequest>
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Advanced entity association mappings
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Abort request
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A.2.2 Bidirectional
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Starting from the perspective of our first task, keeping the HTML markup as pristine as possible, let s assume the markup shown in listing 9.10 is representative of the HTML on which we will be operating.
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Creating a thin-client user interface
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Symmetrical cryptography
Listing 15.6 The ToSeparatedWords extension method
How we d normally represent entities outside of Azure
The EJB client (possibly another EJB) invokes bean methods and abstractly controls the bean instance s life cycle via a well-defined set of interfaces. Session and entity beans use a home and client Java interface combination while messagedriven bean clients communicate using JMS. Session and entity bean clients look up the bean s home interface using JNDI. The home interface provides bean clients with a starting point, offering a way to loosely control a bean s life cycle. For example, when a client calls the remove() method for a session bean, the container may actually pool the bean instance for use in a later request, rather than actually making it available for garbage collection. Entity bean clients create, query, and remove instances through the home interface. When a client creates an entity bean, the entity is created in the persistent store. When the client calls the remove() method on an entity bean, the container
* Windows runs on a Mac with the help of the Parallels or BootCamp virtual machines.
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