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The PageRequestManager: the unsung hero
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Listing 16.12 Testing our example routes
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<property name="build.dir" location="build"/> <property name="build.classes" location="${build.dir}/classes"/>
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Working with different database types
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Presentation model
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The problem for ESBs is that they usually only connect internal services and internal clients together. It s hard to publish a service you don t control to your own bus. External dependencies end up getting wrapped in a service you own and published to your ESB as an internal service. Although this avoids the first problem of attaching external services to your ESB, it introduces a new problem, which is yet more code to manage and secure. If you wanted to expose a service to several vendors, or if you wanted a field application to connect to an internal service, you d have to resort to all sorts of firewall tricks. You d have to open ports, provision DNS, and do many other things that give IT managers nightmares. Another challenge is the effort it takes to make sure that an outside application can always connect and use your service. To go one step farther, it s an even Proxy bigger challenge to connect two outside Network Network clients together. The problem comes firewall firewall down to the variety of firewalls, NATs, PC PC proxies, and other network shenanigans firewall firewall that make point-to-point communicaClient A tion difficult. For example, figure 17.11 Client B might represent the layers between your Figure 17.11 Modern networks provide a great local software and the services it s callnumber of barriers to easy point-to-point ing across the internet. communication. Many computers these days have a local firewall, with one or more firewalls on their Take an instant messaging client, for network. There are also proxies, NATs, and other example. When the client starts up, and devices in the way making it hard to connect in an the user logs in, the client creates an old-fashioned, direct way.
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4.2.2 The JMS message interface
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Your error handler doesn t have to do anything special. Consider this error-handling block:
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1.1.5 Unlearning the Web
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public override bool OnStart() { DiagnosticMonitor.Start("DiagnosticsConnectionString"); RoleEnvironment.Changing += RoleEnvironmentChanging; return base.OnStart(); }
8: Behavioral Patterns: Chain of Responsibility and Command
To position the controls on your page, you ll need to create a table. If you re comfortable with HTML, you can certainly insert your table row and column tags manually in Source view and receive assistance from IntelliSense as you go. If you prefer, however, both VS and VWD offer an insert table wizard. To see this at work, switch to Design view (some of the procedures that follow cannot be done in Source view) and position the cursor immediately below the heading you just entered. Click on the Layout Insert Table menu item to bring up the insert table dialog box and enter, for this example, eight rows and two columns, as shown in Figure 2-11.
Note that only text is taken into account. Graphics, such as the line that is drawn under the title preface, are ignored by the parser in its current version. The content stream processor only returns objects of type TextRenderInfo and ImageRenderInfo.
g.drawString(symbol + " Performance",1,1,Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); g.drawString("current vs. historic ", 1, 12, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); g.drawString("$" + currentPrice, 1, 24, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT); g.drawString("$" + historicPrice, 1, 36, Graphics.TOP|Graphics.LEFT);
Programming C# 3.0 C# 3.0 In a Nutshell C# 3.0 Cookbook Jesse Liberty and Donald Xie Joseph Albahari and Ben Albahari Jay Hilyard and Stephen Teilhet O Reilly O Reilly O Reilly 9780596527433 9780596527570 9780596516109
In the first two examples in this section, you simply assigned the Text property of one control to the Text property of another control; that s easy enough. But for the third control, you took the Text properties of several controls, joined them together, and assigned them as a whole. The trick to this is using a variable. Simply put, a variable is like a bucket in your code, which can be used to hold a value. You can retrieve the value later, change it, or replace it with another value. You don t need to worry about what the value is when you re writing your code; you just need to know the name of the variable. In this case, you re using a variable called strMailingAddress to hold the text of the user s address. In VB, you create a new variable using the Dim statement, followed by the name you want to give the variable:
Listing 9.12 Enigma.fx (version 2, part 3 changes only)
Never neglect false positive test case failures. Even if you know that testWorstCase always fails, four months later someone else might have the maintenance task and waste ages trying to find out why the build is reporting errors. At best, fix them; otherwise exclude them from the test suite.
Most of the My.Computer.FileSystem object s members exist to replace or supplement file management features already present in Visual Basic. Table 15-2 lists some of the long-standing file and directory interaction features in Visual Basic, and their equivalents in My.Computer.FileSystem.
This example presumes that MyDataSource is some data source class that provides a queryable collection containing a list of buildings. Since this information would typically be stored in a database, you would probably use a database LINQ provider such
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