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Additional O/R mapping file
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source code, so it needs to know where it lives.
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foreach (type identifier in expression) statement
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The output shows that the call to setValueAt(), which was invoked synchronously using the earlier version of the solution, is now being invoked asynchronously. This is what we expected, since it does not return any value. However, note how JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() is also invoked asynchronously. This is not the correct behavior; it needs to wait until the user has dismissed the message dialog box before continuing. This is because JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() declares that it will return void, and therefore our aspect routed it asynchronously. If we had invoked other JOptionPane methods such as showConfirmDialog(), which returns a non-void return type we would get synchronous execution without needing any further modifications. If you ran the program yourself, you would see that getRowCount() and getGridColor() are executed even before you close the message dialog box. As you can see, our modified solution, taking its cue from the return value type, addresses most needs but behaves incorrectly in certain cases. Let s fix that. 9.4.3 The third version The idea behind the third version is to let subaspects have explicit control over methods that require synchronous routing. We will capture such methods in a pointcut irrespective of their return value type. This way, methods such as JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() that return void can still be routed synchro-
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Table 7.3 The mapping of elements in the template to specific elements for thread pooling Template Element Resource Resource pool Resource description Mapped Element The java.lang.Thread class. Any suitable resource pool implementation (in our case, an implementation of the ThreadPool interface). None considered here; all threads are treated alike.
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Development storage hosts all three storage services (BLOB, Queue, and Table storage services) and exposes local endpoints that implement the same APIs as the live service. The production version of the storage services and the development version are two completely different animals. They might expose the same APIs, but the development version is greatly simplified and suitable only for local development. When you ve finished developing your application against your local development storage, you can easily switch to using the live environment by just changing configuration.
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In the preceding code, the duplicate shirt properties have been replaced with a reference to the shirt. Now that the entity stores a reference, you need to modify your query to join the data together. The following code shows how you could do this:
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simply be flagged as invalid before the code runs; a string is a string, a value is a value, and never the twain shall meet (except under strict predefined conditions, where runtime consequences can always be anticipated). JavaFX Script, following Java s lead, uses the static typed solution. Variables are clearly delineated as to their content type and, by inference, what operations are valid on them. This approach can sometimes add coding overhead for example, explicit operations are needed to convert user input (typically character data) into value types but the plus side is it might spare us a few embarrassing crashes when the company CEO stupidly types Forty Nine into our application s age field during a live demo.
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import javax.servlet.*; import javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject; public class LoginServlet extends HttpServlet { //home interface for the EJB PasswordBean private LoginHome loginHome = null; public void init() { lookupLoginHome(); } public void doGet( HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res ) { String name = getUserName( req ); String password = getUserPassword( req );
the dialog window. In this section we will create a dialog window that displays catalogs which allow a user to add web parts to a specific zone. The steps involved in creating the catalog dialog are Create the catalog dialog page. Populate catalogs. Display the catalog dialog. Communicate between the dialog and the page. Dynamically load the assembly and add it as a web part.
doc : Target <javadoc> : Task
After logging in, the page shown in figure 6.2 should be displayed with both web parts contained in a single zone. Notice how the name of the user is now displayed and there is a link that allows us to log out, so that we can log in as another user. While logged in, press the button labeled Design DisplayMode to allow design
that you don t use it directly from application code.
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Dragging and dropping
for a color space with three coordinates x, y and z. A different color space will yield a different distance between the same colors. This distance is used to calculate how similar two colors are, and picking a different color space can yield very different results. Some color spaces (such as YUV) provide distances that are more closely related to the way our perception of color works than the more standard RGB color space. The color distance is most important when reducing the numbers of colors in an image. At some point this color reduction will require changing a pixel s color to one that is as close as possible to the original and part of the set of colors that are available after the reduction. Doing these operations in different color spaces can result in visibly different images. 1.3.7
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