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Generating DataMatrix in Java Defining and using a filter

Table 11.3
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Assigning Method Permissions
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J2EE Web Container
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PdfPTable table = new PdfPTable(4); PdfPTable nested1 = new PdfPTable(2); Creates table nested1.addCell("1.1"); for cell 1 nested1.addCell("1.2"); PdfPTable nested2 = new PdfPTable(1); Creates table nested2.addCell("12.1"); for cell 12 nested2.addCell("12.2"); for (int k = 0; k < 16; ++k) { if (k == 1) { table.addCell(nested1); Adds tables } else if (k == 12) { as cell table.addCell(new PdfPCell(nested2)); } else { table.addCell("cell " + k); } } document.add(table);
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This means we have completed our example web service, from integration with our application all the way to our client, including both configuration checks to probe for Axis, and client-side functional tests to verify that the service does what we expect. We are now very close to being able to declare the service ready for production. One missing item is the extra server-side functionality to retrieve the indexed files; we will leave this until version 2.0. What we do have to do for version 1.0 is verify that our service is interoperable.
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Column-based layouts have become a de facto part of web design over the last decade. This sort of design is more important than ever on the iPhone because users can zoom into a specific column using the double-tap feature of the iPhone. While this generally works without additional development work required, a careful developer can make sure that columns are optimized for the iPhone viewer. First, this means that you should have columns in your web page. You probably already do. Second, once you have columns, it s important to make sure that your columns logically match the different categories of content that your pages contain. For example, if you have both content and navigation on a web page, you could split those up logically into two different columns. Mixing things together will make your columns less useful for your iPhone readers. This may cause you to rethink using floating tables or embedding tables within tables. On the flipside, you don t want to split up content between multiple columns. For example, having a single story run through several columns on a page probably isn t a good idea as it will force an iPhone user to zoom in, then out, then back in to see everything. Third, it s important to consider the fact that iPhone viewers may be looking at your pages one column at a time. This means that you need to think even more carefully than usual about what happens when a viewer gets to the end of a column. You thus might want to include some sort of navigation down at the bottom of a column.
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Private Sub RecordBarcode_Enter( _ ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles RecordBarcode.Enter ' ----- Highlight the entire text. RecordBarcode.SelectAll( ) ' ----- Don't allow Enter to close the form. Me.AcceptButton = Nothing End Sub Private Sub RecordBarcode_Leave( _ ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles RecordBarcode.Leave ' ----- Allow Enter to close the form again. Me.AcceptButton = ActOK End Sub Private Sub RecordBarcode_KeyPress(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.KeyPressEventArgs) _ Handles RecordBarcode.KeyPress ' ----- Ignore the enter key. If (e.KeyChar = ChrW(Keys.Return)) Then e.Handled = True End Sub
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Working with objects
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from Bid bid where bid.amount between 1 and 10 from Bid bid where bid.amount > 100 from User u where u.email in ('foo@bar', 'bar@foo')
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Adding a unit test to an existing class in Visual Studio 2010
The Factory Method pattern is a lightweight pattern that achieves independence from application-specific classes. The client programs to the interface (in this case, IProduct) and lets the pattern sort out the rest. A particular advantage of the Factory Method pattern is that it can connect parallel class hierarchies. If each hierarchy contains a FactoryMethod, it can be used to create instances of subclasses in a sensible way.
package org.apache.mapper2.examples.chapter10.dao; import org.apache.mapper2.examples.bean.Account; import org.apache.mapper2.examples.bean.IdDescription; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; public interface AccountDao { public void insert(Account account); public void update(Account account); public int delete(Account account);
Uses resource
In addition to using JPA with Spring, you may combine the flexibility of Spring beans with the power of EJB 3 in your applications. You have two options. You can use the power of Spring POJO injection, AOP features, etc. by developing Spring-enabled EJB applications, or you can invoke an EJB from a Spring bean. At the time of this writing, Spring 2.0 has no documented support for EJB 3 session beans, but we found some ways to make EJB 3 beans work with Spring beans and in this section we ll reveal our discoveries. In this section you ll see two ways you can combine power of EJB 3 components and Spring beans. First you ll learn about using Spring from EJB 3 components; then we ll show you how to access an EJB 3 session bean from a Spring bean.
Then, in the client, instead of:
Listing 18.3 Working with the domain model
declare warning : <pointcut> : <message>;
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