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overwritten, so we must be careful when using them. The variables in listing 13.5 will not be overwritten at any time during the application.
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package banking; public class CheckClearanceSystem { public static void debit(Account account, float amount) throws InsufficientBalanceException { account.debit(amount); } public static void credit(Account account, float amount) { account.credit(amount); } }
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is a DOM node of type DIV. The DOM node retains a reference to the backing object in a variable called backingObj. A Container class is also defined that houses ClickBox objects and maintains an array of them, as well as a unique ID of its own:
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Listing 8.29 Tracing.java
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7.1.1 The query interfaces
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This chapter covers
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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.employeeregistry; import import import import import java.util.Calendar; java.util.Collection; java.util.Date; java.util.concurrent.Callable; java.util.logging.Logger;
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AspectJ: syntax basics
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C H A PT E R 17
Tracking Patron Payments
In this chapter we provided several guidelines to tame those wild EJBs. First, we discussed various types of locking strategies. The EJB 3 JPA specification requires support for optimistic locking of entities. We then turned our attention to entity tuning. You can improve performance of your persistence tier by making some modeling and/or schema changes, writing appropriate queries, and working with your DBAs to create appropriate indexes for your database. Persistence providers use caching to reduce roundtrips to the database, and you may benefit from using an appropriate caching strategy to increase your entity performance. We explored several ways to optimize the performance of session beans and MDBs. We also surveyed the scalability and availability landscape. EJB clustering is not covered in the specification, and we encourage you to evaluate the clustering support in the application server of your choice. The next chapter considers EJB 3 migration and interoperability issues.
last ten years or so. Server-side Java has a strong culture of design patterns, and Microsoft has recently been pushing them strongly for the .NET Framework. The term often carries a rather forbidding academic aura and is frequently misused in an effort to sound impressive. At its root, though, a design pattern is simply a description of a repeatable way of solving a particular problem in software design. It s important to note that design patterns give names to abstract technical solutions, making them easier to talk about and easier to understand. Design patterns can be important to refactoring because they allow us to succinctly describe our intended goal. To say that we pull out these bits of code into objects that encapsulate the process of performing a user action, and can then undo everything if we want is quite a mouthful and rather a wordy goal to have in mind while rewriting the code. If we can say that we are introducing the Command pattern to our code, we have a goal that is both more precise and easier to talk about. If you re a hardened Java server developer, or an architect of any hue, then you re probably wondering what s new in what we ve said. If you ve come from the trenches of the web design/new media world, you may be thinking that we re those weird sorts of control freaks who prefer drawing diagrams to writing real code. In either case, you may be wondering what this has to do with Ajax. Our short answer is quite a lot. Let s explore what the working Ajax programmer stands to gain from refactoring.
Assuming we have a stream of tokens from a text, some additional operations can (or even should) be applied. Some words are so common that it would be best not to index them. They should literally be filtered out. In most cases, accentuation and case are not discriminant in searching and should be removed before indexing. Filters can add, modify, or remove any token in the token stream to optimize the final content indexed by Lucene. You could think of filters as a bunch of interceptors, each one handling a specific operation on the token stream.
Indicates whether patrons can check out items without being logged in as an administrative user. Use a value of 0 (zero) to indicate no checkout privileges, or any nonzero value to allow patron checkout ( 1 is preferred). If this value is missing or empty, patrons will not be allowed to check out items without administrator assistance.
Listing 15.8 The master page with script files included
Updating the application has drastically enhanced the user experience but you can do more. Imagine if you could update the filtered columns as the user was typing. If you ve ever captured keystrokes, you already know that this happens in the browser, not the server. This presents you with a departure: Until now, you ve been adding Ajax-like behavior without a single line of JavaScript. As you develop more complex solutions, you need to write some client-side code to be more efficient and sometimes take control of the client-side application. For this application, the first thing you can do is remove the Filter button it won t be needed because you ll use the keystrokes entered by the user to stimulate the filtered data (see listing 6.19). On the server side, you need to add a handler for the TextChanged event of the TextBox, which also calls the UpdateFilter method.
Figure 6.8 The Text Web Part allows users to enter text and have it saved securely in an encrypted format.
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