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Listing 9.8 Rotor.fx (version 2 changes only)
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response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", " inline; filename=\"my.pdf\"");
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Figure 21-15. The three data source schemas
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place to configure initial control properties, fill in drop-down lists, and so on. I m going to add the following code to my page s Load event:
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Table 13.1
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cache 95, 101 106 dependencies 103 wrapping in our interface 103 caching 101, 103 104, 116 making cache testable 101 output 103 page fragment 104 Calendar control 99 Castle Project 200 Castle Windsor 190 191, 200 catch-all, last route defined 241 change management 251 charset=UTF-8 228 229 check-in dance 252 CheckBoxFor 38 39 child action 136 137, 140, 142, 151 ChildActionOnly 130, 141 142 ChildActionOnlyAttribute 130, 154 Chrome 98, 159 Classic mode 83 client-side behavior 224 client-side validation 215, 221 222, 224 ClientID 99, 172 closure negative 68 CLR constants 272 CLR objects 54 Code Camp Server, testing routes 246 code generation 310, 356, 360 361 code generators 361 code, test double 61 CodeCampServer 345 CodePlex 92 93, 356 codeplex.com 91 CodeTemplates 357, 359 COMB GUID 332 comma separated values 132
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In this case, the Atom XML sent using the REST API would contain the full description of the entity rather than just the changed properties.
We then looked at a special type of file stream called isolated storage. This gives us the ability to manage the scope of file access to particular users, machines, applications, or even assemblies. We gain control over quotas (the maximum amount of space any particular store is allowed to use), and get to use local file storage in normally restricted security contexts like that of a Silverlight application, for example. Finally, we looked at some streams that aren t files, including MemoryStream, which uses memory as its underlying storage mechanism, and CryptoStream, which has no storage of its own, delegating that responsibility to another stream. We showed how these patterns can be used to plug streams together into a processing pipeline.
<weblogic-ejb-jar> <weblogic-enterprise-bean> Assigns the message-driven bean <ejb-name>MDB</ejb-name> to the BookJMSTopic topic <message-driven-descriptor> <destination-jndi-name>BookJMSTopic</destination-jndi-name> </message-driven-descriptor> <jndi-name>multiSubscriber.MDB</jndi-name> </weblogic-enterprise-bean> <weblogic-enterprise-bean> <ejb-name>MDB2</ejb-name> <message-driven-descriptor> <destination-jndi-name>BookJMSTopic</destination-jndi-name> |#1 </message-driven-descriptor> <jndi-name>multiSubscriber2.MDB</jndi-name> </weblogic-enterprise-bean> </weblogic-ejb-jar>
Page content and structure
Doing so lets you easily identify and extract the EJB classes from the other common classes, and prevents potential naming collisions. For example, if you are working with all EJB implementation classes, a naming collision might arise. If you name your EJB implementation classes using a standard convention, <Name>Bean.java, and operate on all files in our source tree following this convention, you will get plain JavaBeans as well. Storing the EJB files in a separate package lets you filter all source files that follow the naming convention and appear in packages containing the ejb package distinction.
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