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Integrated DataMatrix in Java The definition of Hibernate Search s @Boost annotation

A switch statement lets you specify a list of expected values, and what to do for each value. The values can be either strings or integral types. (Integral types include int, short, etc. you cannot switch on floating-point numbers. Enumeration types, which are discussed in 3, are considered to be integral types for the purposes of a switch statement.) We can use this to rewrite Example 2-10 as shown in Example 2-11.
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Our CurrentUserFilter depends on an implementation of an IUserSession interface B, which we supply using Rhino Mocks. Next, we stub the GetCurrentUser method on our IUserSession stub to return the User object created earlier C. Because the implementation of IUserSession requires the full HttpContext to be up and running, supplying a fake implementation gives us much finer control over the inputs to our filter object.
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You can overload operators in much the same way that you would overload methods. To overload an operator, use the static keyword with the operator keyword, and the name of the operator you re overloading. It is good programming practice to use operator overloading sparingly and to be sure that the meaning of the overload is obvious and intuitive. When you overload the equals (==) operator, you should also override the Equals( ) method for compatibility with other .NET languages. If you overload the == operator, you must also overload the != operator. Similarly, the < and > operators are paired, as are the <= and >= operators.
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12.2 The client-side code
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The Webimage App Delegate is a proxy for the app delegate object. (This one is for a program you ll create shortly.) File s Owner refers to the object that manages the .xib file (usually either the application or a view controller), and First Responder refers to the top object in the responder chain (which we introduced in chapter 10 and will cover in depth in chapter 14). You ll meet these proxies again when we touch on IBOutlets. The main display window shows what the .xib file currently looks like. Because we used the Window-Based Application template in Xcode, there s nothing here yet. If we d used one of the other templates, you d see tab bars or other prebuilt elements. In any case, this is where you arrange your user interface elements as you create them. Together, the nib document and main display windows contain all the objects understood by Interface Builder (which will likely omit many objects you created in Xcode). The Library window is where you can find all the UI elements you may want to add to your program. You can start exploring the library with a little mousing. Click the Library and Cocoa Touch Plugin toggles, and you ll see four main classes of UI elements:
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Presentation layer The user interface logic is topmost. Code responsible for the presentation and control of page and screen navigation is in the presentation layer. Business layer The exact form of the next layer varies widely between applications. It s generally agreed, however, that the business layer is responsible for implementing any business rules or system requirements that would be understood by users as part of the problem domain. This layer usually includes some kind of controlling component code that knows when to invoke which business rule. In some systems, this layer has its own internal representation of the business domain entities, and in others it reuses the model defined by the persistence layer. We revisit this issue in chapter 3. Persistence layer The persistence layer is a group of classes and components responsible for storing data to, and retrieving it from, one or more data stores. This layer necessarily includes a model of the business domain entities (even if it s only a metadata model). Database The database exists outside the Java application itself. It s the actual, persistent representation of the system state. If an SQL database is used, the database includes the relational schema and possibly stored procedures. Helper and utility classes Every application has a set of infrastructural helper or utility classes that are used in every layer of the application (such as Exception classes for error handling). These infrastructural elements don t form a layer, because they don t obey the rules for interlayer dependency in a layered architecture.
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like to be able to monitor status and automate their project scheduling process as much as possible. After a series of meetings, the Greener Grass Corporation has arrived at the conclusion that what they need is to put their inventory and order entry system, along with the scheduling enhancements, onto a cell phone. They feel cell phones are a good choice since their staff already has cell phones and this would not introduce another device that they would need to carry. The proposed architecture for including wireless cell phone access to the corporate systems is shown in figure 11.2.
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7 explained that your constructor is automatically invoked when your object is created. Let s return to the Box class created in that chapter. The constructor in that chapter took three integers for length, width, and height. That works fine for most boxes, but suppose you have a situation where some of the boxes might need a color. That s an entirely different parameter, and with a different data type, as well (a string, in this case). Some boxes might need a color; others might not. You can provide separate constructors for the colored and noncolored boxes. To overload your constructor, you must make sure that each constructor has a unique signature. The signature of a method is composed of its name and its parameter list, but not its return type. Two methods differ in their signatures if they have different names or different parameter lists, which means having different numbers or types of parameters. The following four lines of code show how you might distinguish methods by signature:
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. . . @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu); menu.add(0, ReviewCriteria.MENU_GET_REVIEWS, 0, R.string.menu_get_reviews).setIcon( android.R.drawable.ic_menu_more); return true; } @Override public boolean onMenuItemSelected(int featureId, MenuItem item) { switch (item.getItemId()) { case MENU_GET_REVIEWS: Respond when handleGetReviews(); menu item selected return true; } return super.onMenuItemSelected(featureId, item); } private void handleGetReviews() { Define method to if (!validate()) { process reviews return; }
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8: Behavioral Patterns: Chain of Responsibility and Command
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X-MicrosoftAjax 240 XML 86 comments in JavaScript 447 449 creating animations 358 file as data store 435 namespace 376, 380 382, 395 namespace prefix 381 namespace, declaring 381 Script 38, 92 XML Script basics 374 386 code block 375 comments 375 Hello, World example 375 378 instantiating ListView 474 parser 382 parsing 382 383 turning static HTML into dynamic 481 writing client-side logic 470
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