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Implement Data Matrix in Java B Create a BooleanClause

# Resize an image to fit within 300 by 300 pixels $im->Scale(geometry => '300x300'); # Resize an image to 300 by 300 pixels exactly $im->Scale(geometry => '300x300!'); # Resize an image to twice its size $im->Scale(geometry => '200%'); # or $im->Magnify(); # Resize an image to twice its horizontal size, and half # its vertical size $im->Scale(geometry => '200%x50%'); # Create a new image which is half the size of the old one $im2 = $im->Transform(geometry => '50%');
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List<CalendarEvent> events = new List<CalendarEvent>
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In addition, you can invoke custom scripts in response to the event. After this occurs, the asynchronous postback is sent to the server. The pageLoading event After the postback is processed on the server, its response is sent back down to the client, and the pageLoading event is raised. During this event, the updated HTML for declared regions of the page is sent down to the client. Additional scripts are also delivered to assist in managing the state of the UpdatePanel controls and subsequent postbacks. Because this event occurs before any updates are made, it presents you with an opportunity to inspect the data from the server and apply customizations, cleanup, or additional handling.
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6.2.1 One size doesn t fit all
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They did so by combining the power, speed, and flexibility of AJAX with the drag and drop simplicity of ASP.NET. They created a library of AJAX controls that are as easy to use as the server-side ASP.NET controls we ve been using since the Middle Ages. Even more important, they made it relatively easy to create your own drag and drop AJAX controls.
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10.2 Overview of supported image types
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Why is the UpdatePanel slow
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By default, objects returned by a full-text query are provided by descending score: The most relevant object is returned first. While this will satisfy your needs in most cases, returning objects ordered by one or several properties is sometimes more pertinent for your user. You can do that with Hibernate Search. Sort is applied to the Lucene query (on the value stored in Lucene fields) rather than to the database query. To order using a database query, Hibernate Search would need to read and extract the identifiers for all matching documents (potentially millions!) and create an SQL query from them. This would be very inefficient in most cases. Hibernate Search delegates the sort operation to Lucene. Fields used for the sort have one restriction: They must use either one of these two indexing strategies: Index.UN_TOKENIZED or Index.NO_NORMS. Remember, you can map the same object property multiple times: once to build a sortable field, once to build a searchable field (see section 3.3.4). More than once you will index a field specifically for sorting, even if you re not interested in searching by it. Sort is described by a Lucene Sort object, which contains the list of fields to sort by, each field sort being represented by a SortField object. Let s look at a simple example in listing 6.20. Each field must be indexed but not tokenized.
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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch04.firstejb; import javax.ejb.CreateException; import javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome; /** * EJB 2.x Local Home of the CalculatorEJB * * @author <a href="mailto:andrew.rubinger@jboss.org">ALR</a> */ public interface CalculatorLocalHome extends EJBLocalHome { // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // create<METHOD> Methods ----------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Returns a reference to a local component view of the CalculatorEJB */ CalculatorLocal create() throws CreateException; }
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WAR ClassLoader
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Open source www.osflash.org/doku.php id=flashjs
When you come to use ArgumentNullException (which you throw when you are erroneously passed a null argument) you ll find that the error message and parameter arguments are swapped around in the constructor. This irritating inconsistency has been with us since .NET 1.0, and too much code depends on it to fix it now.
=Left(Fields!FullName.Value, 1)
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private SchoolClosedException(final String message) { super(message); } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Factory -----------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Constructs a new exception with the specified, required message * @param message * @throws IllegalArgumentException If the message is not specified */ public static SchoolClosedException newInstance(final String message) throws IllegalArgumentException { // Precondition checks if (message == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("message must be specified"); } // Return return new SchoolClosedException(message);
theDoc.Read( );
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In a specification statement such as the preceding example, the square brackets indicate an optional element. Thus, you can declare an enum with no base type, simply by leaving it out (leave out the square brackets as well).
new Node <Person> (new Person ("Sarah", 2000), null, new Node <Person> (new Person ("James", 2002), null, null) // no more siblings James ), new Node <Person> (new Person ("Robert", 1978), null, new Node <Person> (new Person ("Mark", 1982), new Node <Person> (new Person ("Carrie", 2005), null, null), null) // no more siblings Mark )), null) // no siblings Tom );
The view controller family
Authorization is the process of granting some entity access to a given resource. It is closely related to authentication, because your system must believe that an entity is authentic before worrying about what that entity can and cannot do. However, it is also a distinct, second phase of remote resource access that allows an application to grant different levels of privileges to different users. Authorization is commonly implemented using access control lists. The application maintains a list of entities or (more commonly) groups of entities that can access and/or modify a resource. These lists are often stored in flat files in small systems and in relational databases or directory servers in larger ones. These lists are a valuable resource themselves, which should be secured through encryption when possible. As these lists tend to grow exponentially as the numbers and types of entities in the system increase, using flat files becomes impractical quickly. Most systems of even modest size use dedicated software and hardware resources to manage this information. Examples include Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers and network operating system databases. The authorization scheme you choose and its implementation can have significant performance impacts on your system, if access to resources is finegrained. If, for example, an authorization check needs to be done each time a particular request is serviced, this will significantly slow response times as usage levels increase. To combat this, consider retrieving and caching all of an entity s access rights in a convenient location when they first authenticate themselves.
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