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166 | 8: Behavioral Patterns: Chain of Responsibility and Command
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6. Click the WHERE button. In the Add WHERE Clause dialog, select Weight in the Column drop-down list, select > (greater than) in the Operator drop-down list, and None in the Source drop-down list. The Value field appears on the right side of the box; enter 100 in the field. The dialog should look like Figure C-3. Click Add to add the WHERE clause, and OK to return to the Wizard. 7. Click the Advanced button and check both Generate INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements and Use optimistic concurrency.
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Of course, there are other kinds of persistence layers. XML persistence is a variation on the serialization theme; this approach addresses some of the limitations of byte-stream serialization by allowing easy access to the data through a standardized tool interface. However, managing data in XML would expose you to an object/hierarchical mismatch. Furthermore, there is no additional benefit from the XML itself, because it s just another text file format and has no inherent capabilities for data management. You can use stored procedures (even writing them in Java, sometimes) and move the problem into the database tier. So-called object-relational databases have been marketed as a solution, but they offer only a more sophisticated datatype system providing only half the solution to our problems (and further muddling terminology). We re sure there are plenty of other examples, but none of them are likely to become popular in the immediate future. Political and economic constraints (long-term investments in SQL databases), data independence, and the requirement for access to valuable legacy data call for a different approach. ORM may be the most practical solution to our problems.
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Item item = (Item) session.load(Item.class, itemId); // Check auction still valid if ( item.getEndDate().before( new Date() ) ) { ... // Forward to error page }
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StringBuilder builder1 = new StringBuilder(); StringBuilder builder2 = new StringBuilder(1024); Console.WriteLine(builder1.Capacity); Console.WriteLine(builder1.Length); Console.WriteLine(builder2.Capacity); Console.WriteLine(builder1.Length);
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new Object[] {1}); interceptor.audit(invocation); // Test our invocation was cached properly TestCase.assertEquals("Cache should have the first invocation", 1, Caching Auditor.getInvocations().size()); final AuditedInvocation audit = CachingAuditor.getInvocations().get(0); TestCase.assertEquals("Invocation cached was not the one that was invoked", invocation, audit.getContext()); TestCase.assertEquals("Invocation did not store the caller as expected", PRINCIPAL, audit.getCaller()); } }
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Table 7.1 Choosing between CMP and BMP Choose CMP if... You want to minimize the hassle of storing persistent entity data in a database. You want to have portability among different relational databases. You want to be able to perform EJB Query Language (EJB QL) queries to find entity beans. You plan on taking advantage of container-managed relationships, either for performance reasons or for object model design reasons.
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The first two lines create the SessionFactory after loading the configuration file from the classpath. After the Event instance is created and populated, the Session instance, provided by the SessionFactory, persists the Event. The Session is then flushed and closed, which closes the JDBC connection and performs some internal cleanup. That s all there is to persisting objects. Once you ve persisted a number of objects, you ll probably want to retrieve them from the database. Retrieving persistent objects is the topic of the next section.
In this chapter s project we saw JavaFX controls in action; now it s time to write our own control from scratch. Because much of the detail in this section is based on research and trial and error rather than official JavaFX documentation, I ve separated
Defining a directory provider for an entity
8.4.3 Table-per-class strategy
where shirt.PartitionKey.CompareTo("Partition1") >= 0 && shirt.PartitionKey.CompareTo("Partition5") < 0 LINQ TO OBJECTS QUERIES
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