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iBATIS best practices
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public void characters(char[] ch, int start, int length) { String data = new String(ch); System.out.println("characters: "+new String(ch)); app.append(data); } public void endDocument() { System.out.println("Finished parsing document."); } public void endElement(java.lang.String name) { System.out.println("endElement: "+name); }
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Most programs have to deal with multiple pieces of information. Payroll systems need to calculate the salary of every employee in a company; a space battle game has to track the position of all the ships and missiles; a social networking website needs to be able to show all of the user s acquaintances. Dealing with large numbers of items is a task at which computers excel, so it s no surprise that C# has a range of features dedicated to working with collections of information. Sets of information crop up so often that we ve already seen some of what C# has to offer here. So we ll start with a more detailed look at the collection-based features we ve already seen, and in the next chapter we ll look at the powerful LINQ (Language Integrated Query) feature that C# offers for finding and processing information in potentially large sets of information.
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standalone=""yes"" ><entry xmlns:d=""http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices"" xmlns:m=""http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/metadata"" xmlns=""http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom""><title/><updated>{0:yyyy-MM ddTHH:mm:ss.fffffffZ}</updated><author><name/></author><id/><content type=""application/xml""><m:properties><d:TableName>{1}</d:TableName> </m:properties></content></entry>" , DateTime.UtcNow, "ShoppingCartTable");
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You can create a read-only property by not implementing the set part of the property. Similarly, you can create a write-only property by not implementing the get part.
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It finds and binds to the service. It retrieves and displays the previous search term, for curiosity . It sends the first argument of our application to the web service as a search term, and prints the results. We have to run the program, of course, so let s write a target to invoke it with <java>:
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Coding with IBOutlets
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Let s step back a second from the idea of identities into the world of pure OO domain modeling. Are all domain objects always identifiable on their own How about objects that are simply used as convenient data holders/groupings inside other objects An easy example would be an Address object used inside a User object as an elegant OO alternative to listing street address, city, zip, and so forth directly as fields of the User object. It would be overkill for the Address object to have an identity since it is not likely to be used outside a User object. This is exactly the kind of scenario for which the @Embeddable annotation was designed. The @Embeddable annotation is used to designate persistent objects that need not have an identity of their own. This is because Embeddable objects are identified by the entity objects they are nested inside and never persisted or accessed on their own. Put another way, Embeddable objects share their identities with the enclosing entity. An extreme case of this is the @EmbeddedId situation where the Embeddable object is the identity. Listing 7.4 contains a user/address example to help you gain a better understanding of the most commonly used Embeddable object semantic patterns.
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Invoking the target results in a full initial compilation followed by a request for user input. The user must then press Enter (to recompile), r (to rebuild), or q (to quit the process):
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In the next section, you create the product title and description. You need to create a localized name and description for every language in which you intend to offer your product. Figure 18.7 shows the information you should add for the first test product. You don t have to add a localized name and description for every language, but doing so is a good idea if you want to increase profits in countries that don t speak English. In the last section, you can add a screenshot. This is important only when you re ready to submit the in-app purchase to Apple for approval, so you can do it later. Click the Save button.
The Ant build tool
var controls = myPanel.Children.OfType<Control>();
14.5.2 Using an IBAction The other way that you can link up actions to methods is to do everything inside of Interface Builder. This is the preferred choice if you ve already created your object in Interface Builder (as we ve suggested) and you re not planning to change its behavior in runtime. When you re using this procedure, you won t need to make your button into an IBOutlet. It ll be effectively invisible from Xcode, which is fine, because all you care about is what happens when the button is pushed. You also won t use the somewhat complex addTarget:action:forControlEvents: method that we just ran through; instead, you ll connect things up via intuitive Interface Builder means. For the purposes of this example, you should start with a clean slate: with a button freshly crafted inside Interface Builder and no connections yet built. To link an object in Interface Builder to an action in Xcode, you must declare the method you re using as having a return of IBAction. This means adding the following declaration to the header file of your view controller:
@Table(name="CATEGORIES", uniqueConstraints= {@UniqueConstraint(columnNames={"CATEGORY_ID"})})
We may also want to navigate to the association field contactDetails to use its e-mail address:
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