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A ProgressDialog B is used to display progress information to the user. There are a number of ways to display progress in Android. This is perhaps the most straightforward approach. A Handler is employed to process Message instances. Though the Handler itself is defined as an anonymous class, the code requires a reference to it for passing to the JobListHandler when parsing, which is shown in 1@. When instantiating the ProgressDialog C, the arguments include
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are the layers in a GIMP or Photoshop file. The ways in which these layers can relate to each other are too numerous to list. The main relationship between the layers is how they are combined with other layers below them in the stack. Some file formats are not well suited for storing images for further processing because they are lossy, meaning that the image data is stored in a way that causes some information to get lost. A format such as JPEG uses some clever algorithmic techniques that can dramatically diminish the amount of data to be stored for photographic images. However, what gets stored is not a full representation of the original data; some information is lost. If you read this image later, manipulate it, and then save it again, you lose even more. A few of these repetitions can result in a considerable loss in quality. Another way to lose information is by color reduction. Some image formats store colors not per pixel, but instead store a palette of colors, and each pixel points to one of the colors in the palette. For an RGB image in which each color component can have an integer value between 0 and 255, you need at least three bytes per pixel to store the image. However, if you allow a total of only 256 colors, you only need one byte per pixel, which is the index into the palette of 256 colors. It is, therefore, important to always store the originals of your images in a lossless format, such as PNG or TIFF, and to convert to lossy formats, such as JPEG and GIF, only as the last step in the process. There is a wealth of information available on the net covering the various graphics formats and their use and abuse [8,9,10,11,12,13]. I will only discuss a very small subset here, mainly the formats that are most usable for the Web. The main reason for this limitation is that the use of graphics on the Web is a mess. This is due to a lack of understanding regarding which format to use for which picture, as well as the limitation in usable formats (see also section 6.2, Suitable image formats, on page 92). 2.1.1
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Figure 13.6 A betterbehaving dynamic version of Hello Android
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These two methods are helpful for interceptors that manipulate bean parameters to change behavior at runtime. An interceptor in ActionBazaar that transparently rounds off all monetary values to two decimal places for all methods across the application could use the getParameters and setParameters methods to accomplish its task. The key to understanding the need for the InvocationContext.getContextData method is the fact that contexts are shared across the interceptor chain for a given method. As a result, data attached to an InvocationContext can be used to communicate between interceptors. For example, assume that our security validation interceptor stores the member status into invocation context data after the user is validated:
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2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Goals of the J2ME architecture 19 Accommodating opposing needs 21 Configurations: a closer look 24 Profiles: a closer look 29 Choosing a J2ME profile 31 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 Write once, run anywhere issues 35 Runtime environment 36 Designing J2ME applications 36 Summary 38
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Introducing JBoss Seam
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Crafting enterprise beans
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The Map Kit framework
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Listing 10.9 Global variables used throughout the project
Notice the root=true attribute in this binding definition. This attribute identifies product-catalog as the root XML element. From this definition, the JAXB compiler will generate a class called ProductCatalog, containing a List of Product instances. The complete JAXB binding schema for our example is shown in listing 2.11.
you want to request a specific route, you can use RouteLink, which accepts a parameter to identify the route requested, like this:
Let s assume that we may not be able or want to directly change the HTML markup for the select boxes. This could be the case if we are not responsible for producing the markup. Perhaps the select is generated by a JSP or other server-language-specific tag. Or perhaps a designer is writing the HTML, and we want to keep it as pristine as possible to avoid major reworks caused by a round or two of page redesigns. We want a combo script that is able to use different URLs and request parameters to return the option data. We also want the design to accommodate further customization. We want to be able to apply this double-combo behavior potentially across multiple sets of select tags on the same page, also potentially setting up triple or quadruple combos, as discussed earlier.
Tools for debugging Ajax applications
WidgetProvider AndroidManifest.xml file
In this chapter, we applied a simple refactoring to remove business logic from the controller and move it into a useful abstraction. By properly managing our dependencies and adhering to object-oriented principles, we re better equipped to craft welldesigned software with functionality that can be easily verified. We extended ControllerActionInvoker and DefaultControllerFactory to manage action filters. Deriving from ActionResult allowed us to avoid repetitive code
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