barcode programming in c# Figure 15-2. Displaying StateChange event information in visual basic

Writer ECC200 in visual basic Figure 15-2. Displaying StateChange event information

Enumerated types are supported in C++/CLI using the enum class (or enum structure). Enum classes have a series of static named fields that have a fixed integral value. There is no operative difference between an enum structure and class. You saw in 2 that the enum class is used to define an enumerated type. Enumerated types are value types. The enum variable may be a handle, in which case it s a boxed value type, or it may be created on the stack. It could also be a member of a class and be part of the layout of the enclosing class. The example in Listing 5-36 shows the basic syntax for declaring and using an enum class. Listing 5-36. Using an Enum // enum.cpp enum class Flavor { Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry }; int main() { // The enum variable may be a handle // or a stack variable. If used as a handle, // it's a boxed value type. // The enum value, Vanilla, is // scoped by the enum class name. Flavor^ flavor_handle = Flavor::Vanilla; Flavor flavor_stack = Flavor::Vanilla; } Note the differences between the usage of enum class values and classic C++ enum values. Enum class values are scoped with the name of the enum class; classic C++ enum values are not scoped with the name of the enum.
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Let s look at the INTO statement in action.
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Accessing Services from Other Domains
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Then restart Ubuntu (click System Quit). Ensure you remove the DVD-ROM when prompted. You should find that the Ubuntu boot menu now appears when you boot.
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Figure 5-2. Before starting, make sure your computer can boot from the DVD-ROM.
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Deploying BAM activities and views involves two BizTalk tools: the BAM Management Utility and the Tracking Profile Editor. The BAM Management Utility is a command-line tool used for managing your BAM environment. It includes a number of commands, but the one we ll focus on is deploy-all. The deploy-all command takes the following parameters: DefinitionFile: Path and file name of the BAM Excel workbook (or the exported XML file that can be generated from the BAM Excel workbook) containing the activities to deploy.
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Figure 6-8. The AutoCompleteBox with IsTextCompletionEnabled set to True
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Drag the yellow time indicator to the 0:00.500 mark (half of a second) and add a keyframe at this point. To add a keyframe, you use the tool with the green + on it, located immediately above the timeline window. You can see it just to the left of the 0:00.500 label in Figure 16-12. A blob will appear on the timeline, indicating that there is a key frame there. Now, with the timeline still on 0:00.500, use the Property Editor to change the color of the rectangle to full blue (0 red, 0 green, 255 blue). Then return to the timeline editor, drag the yellow bar to the 1 second mark, add a new key frame, and go back to the Property Editor to change the color back to 0 red, 0 green, 127 blue. You ve now defined an animation that will change the intensity of the blue from 127 to 255 over 0.5 seconds, before returning back to 127 over the next 0.5 seconds. Repeat this process for three other rectangles one red, one green, and one yellow. For yellow, use equal values of red and green (e.g., dimmed is 127 red, 127 green, 0 blue). Once you ve created them all, defined their animations, and added a couple of TextBlocks that will be used for starting the game and showing your current round, you should have XAML that looks like Listing 16-1.
Caution Care should be taken with regard to data types for values passed into and out of external assemblies.
planeX = (planeIndex - currentPlaneIndex + 1) * distanceApart;
Figure 16 16. User policies
Query blocks (which, loosely speaking, means visible subqueries or in-line views) acquired names in 10g. You can explicitly name a block with the qb_name hint, and use it to refer to object aliases in global hints. If you don t supply a name, Oracle uses a generated name for each block. If you have a complex query that includes (for example) a subquery or view that cannot be merged, then you will find that the 10053 trace file may have a number of totally separate sections one section for each nonmergeable query block, and a section where the nonmergeable parts are joined. The query block signature helps you to see how the query has been broken down into parts by listing the tables, or more precisely the aliases, (fro(N)), that appear in that block. The aliases seem to be reported in alphabetical order. QUERY BLOCK SIGNATURE ********************* qb name was generated signature (optimizer): qb_name=SEL$1 nbfros=4 flg=0 fro(0): flg=0 objn=58048 hint_alias="C"@"SEL$1" fro(1): flg=0 objn=58045 hint_alias="GGP"@"SEL$1" fro(2): flg=0 objn=58046 hint_alias="GP"@"SEL$1" fro(3): flg=0 objn=58047 hint_alias="P"@"SEL$1"
<bean name="/userAccountService" class= "org.springframework.remoting.httpinvoker.HttpInvokerServiceExporter"> <property name="service" ref="userAccountService"/> <property name="serviceInterface" value="com.apress.timesheets.service.UserAccountService"/> </bean> We supply this with a reference to the service that we are exporting, which is again the user account service. We also supply the service interface that we are exporting again, as with RMI, this is mandatory because otherwise we might accidentally expose inappropriate service methods to the caller. The path on which the service is accessed is defined by the web application context bean name and is appended to the dispatcher path. Assuming that the server is running locally on port 8080, and that the web application context is timesheet, the full path to this service will therefore be http://localhost:8080/timesheet/invoker/userAccountService. This is how we will configure the client in the next section.
In this chapter, we show you how to use the portlet deployment descriptor. We also demonstrate XDoclet s portlet integration, which lets us build and deploy portlets easily.
Finally, we demonstrated how the GetOrdinal and GetFieldType methods are used. The former returns a column index based on its name; the latter returns the VB type. These are the converses of GetName() and GetDataTypeName(), respectively.
Note: BlackBerry devices currently support AMR narrow band, not the higher quality AMR wide band. PCM recording is mono, 8 kHz, 16-bit. Compared to what s available for playback, this isn t as rich a set of choices; for example, there is no option to record in MP3 format. However, depending on your application needs, some formats may be better than others. Some are more widely compatible, some are more compressed, and others offer more fidelity. AMR is a very
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