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Before we start the journey of learning report development, I d like to say something here. The complexity of development efforts is different from project to project; I ll start with a simple List Report with no data grouping or summary totals. Why such a simple report Well, I believe it is good idea to always take a simple approach in the beginning, and later, as your confidence grows, we ll do more complex reports. As we move through the chapters, the projects will become more and more challenging. You should also keep in mind that there is more then one way of getting a report done. You can easily think that you would have done the same reports in different ways. The mechanics I m
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The next set of buttons deals with the query. The first two place details on how your code was executed and statistics about the code within the output. The third button runs your code as a command prompt as if it were run by SQLCMD, which is a command-line utility for executing SQL batches. These options are not covered within this book.
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Listing 5-34. Configuring an Advisor for the Before Advice and Static Pointcut
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System.setProperty( "", "./Kerberos.config");
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CHAPTER 11: Setting Up the Mac OS X Firewall
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Open Directory is not Mac OS X client exclusive. Mac OS X Server, running as a primary domain controller (PDC), can be configured to provide a centralized database of usernames and passwords and provide remedial managed preferences for Windows clients. This PDC feature is available only in Mac OS X Server when it is running as an Open Directory master. A backup domain controller (BDC) should be used in this environment for fault tolerance. The BDC must be run on an Open Directory replica and provides some form of high availability for the Windows domain structure. Although Windows systems can authenticate through the PDC, you will not have the same level of granular control in an Open Directory-based environment with Windows clients that you have in an Active Directory based environment. But there are some powerful things that can be done. For example, you can push out home folders for roaming profiles and login scripts using LDAP attributes that are built into Workgroup Manager (graphically) using the Windows tab. You can also push out basic preferences in much the same way that NT 4.0 did. To enable an Open Directory server as a PDC, open Server Admin from an Open Directory master and click on the SMB service. Then click Settings, and choose Primary Domain Controller as the role (see Figure 16 19). Once the role has been set, enter a computer name and a workgroup name. Optionally, you can enable WINS registration on the Advanced tab. Legacy Windows systems need legacy authentication methods such as LAN Manager authentication. Therefore, you will need to determine whether your server will be supporting older clients such as Windows 95 or third-party appliances requiring this authentication type. Disable WINS registration if legacy clients will not be accessing the server.
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Figure 15 18. Setting up the Cisco VPN client
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private string FormatDTasXML(AddressData.AddressDataTable dt) { MemoryStream memStream = null; XmlTextWriter xmlWriter = null; try { memStream = new MemoryStream(); xmlWriter = new XmlTextWriter(memStream, Encoding.Unicode); dt.WriteXml(xmlWriter); int count = (int)memStream.Length; byte[] arr = new byte[count]; memStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin); memStream.Read(arr, 0, count); UnicodeEncoding utf = new UnicodeEncoding(); return utf.GetString(arr).Trim();
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In addition to the categories listed in the previous section, the Ubuntu repositories are further split into components (effectively subsections) according to how essential the software is to a basic Ubuntu installation or the license that the software uses. Here are the components under which software is filed within a repository: Main: This section contains nearly all the software that s featured in a basic Ubuntu installation. As such, it s all Free Software, and every package is supported by Canonical, the company that oversees the Ubuntu project. That means that updates are frequently provided to fix security holes or simply to keep up with latest releases.
CHAPTER 13: File Services
In many situations, the data contained in an XML document goes in and out of a database table. In such cases, the schema of your XML document can be derived from the underlying
Unlike with a table, it is not possible to use an ALTER command to change the columns contained in an index. To do this, you first have to drop the index and then re-create it. The DROP command will physically remove the index from the table; therefore, you should ensure that you know what the contents of the index are before you drop the index, if you want to re-create a similar index.
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