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Try It Out: Connecting to SQL Server Express with the OLE DB Data Provider
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Primary Keys
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If you disable the administer link, all of its children will move up one level in the hierarchy but will themselves stay activated. Note that this works differently for the create content link for internal reasons. In that case, the create content link stays visible as long as any of its children are enabled.
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4. Please name the application; I ve called the project ReportWizard. You may choose a different location for storing the application files, if you prefer. VS 2008 lets you choose the target .NET Framework, so select .NET Framework 2.0. 5. Click the OK button to finish the process; VS 2008 will create a new Reports Application project.
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account with The Weather Channel at from=footer. When signing up for this account, The Weather Channel asks for some basic information, along with the postal code of where you would like the weather report. The preceding code resembles the local information for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Enter your own local postal code, and the script will be generated automatically for you.
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The database connection used by SqlHelper needs to be stored in the web.config file. Add a web.config file by using the Add New Item dialog box of Visual Studio and specify the connection string in its <connectionStrings> section. Listing B-2 shows how this is done.
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Spring is more than the sum of its parts. Although some of the subcomponents of Spring are important projects in their own right (Spring MVC is the example that springs to mind), Spring s major contribution is that it presents a unifying concept. Spring has a definite philosophy of design, and wrappers are provided for libraries that deviate from this philosophy. To a large extent, when you have learned to use one library within the Spring API, you will have equipped yourself with a large part of the mental toolkit that is required to use all the others. Rather than worrying about the time it will take to use a new technology, Spring developers for the most part can be confident that they will know how to configure and interact with the tools it comprises. The freedom to integrate tools into an application without the fear of spiraling complexity encourages us away from the tyranny of Not Invented Here syndrome. In short: Spring makes you more productive. In the next chapter, you ll look at the sample application that we ll be using to illustrate the use of the Spring framework as a whole, and then in subsequent chapters I ll take you through the individual features and show you how they are used to build the application.
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a relatively small diminishment in capacity (generally the equivalent of a single drive or less). Provides redundancy at the lowest cost in drive space. RAID 5 sets can suffer the loss of a single drive without loss of data.
10. Generate an ExecuteCode handler using the Properties dialog, and the IDE will generate the code handler, wire it up to the workflow, and then open the code window. Edit the handler so that it reads like this:
Figure 10-21. Restoring a backup
Figure 4-21. Layout tab of the Report Properties window The Layout tab is important for setting up pages. From here, you can control the layout of the output in terms of paper and page selection. Figure 4-21 shows the default settings of page width set to 8.5 inches and page height to 11 inches. This means a letter-size page and a portrait page orientation.
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