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Literally, metadata means data about data. Attributes represent metadata for the program element to which it is applied. Attributes may be applied to many program elements, including assemblies, classes, constructors, delegates, enumerated types, events, fields, interfaces, methods, portable executable file modules, parameters, properties, return values, structures, or even other attributes. In the context of this discussion, metadata means data that is not directly part of whatever it is applied to. In this sense, attributes allow information to be associated with program entities without affecting the internal structure of the entity. For example, an attribute naming the author of a type is not really part of the internal structure of a type. Attributes for program elements may be queried at runtime, so programs may make use of the metadata to manipulate objects. The program element to which an attribute is applied is referred to as the attribute target.
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The Error List window s name is very self-descriptive. Any errors that exist in the current open documents are displayed here. The IDE is constantly scanning the open documents for errors. For example, say the following is typed into the code for Default.aspx: Public Partial Class Default_aspx myInt End Class
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One-Way Calls
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The XML Data Type
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You have BizTalk solution artifacts that should be grouped together for ease of management and maintenance. Specifically, you would like to group BizTalk Solution components so that you can easily deploy those components to another environment as well as start and stop the components together as a whole.
A graphical representation generated by SQL Server that displays all or a subset of the tables and relationships within a SQL Server database. A default database diagram can be specifically generated by a developer, and is displayed within SQL Server Management Studio. However, there can be as many diagrams as desired containing any tables within the database.
While working with XML DOM, you create various parts of an XML document (elements, attributes, text nodes, and so on) and then add them to the document. This style of creating
System.Data System.Data.Common System.Data.Design System.Data.Odbc System.Data.OleDb System.Data.Sql System.Data.OracleClient System.Data.SqlClient System.Data.SqlServerCe System.Data.SqlTypes Microsoft.SqlServer.Server
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