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I m sure you are ready to pump life into your web site. Sure, why not After all, this is the time we can see our hard work in action. Building a web site is like any other project we build with the Visual Studio IDE. As you know, you can build a project by clicking the small, green play button in the main toolbox or pressing F5 on the keyboard to start the application in runtime mode. If the Visual Studio IDE presents you with the Debugging Not Enabled dialog box, select the default choice of Modify the Web.config file . . . and click the OK button (see Figure 5-5).
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Securing Your Web Browser
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This sample remoting application exposes a server-side MarshalByRefObject in Singleton mode. You will call this object CustomerManager, and it will provide a method to load a Customer object (which is a ByValue object) from a fictitious database. The resulting object will then be passed as a copy to the client.
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There are two main ways to deliver your video through a web server: streaming and progressive download. The key difference is that with streaming, no file is downloaded to the user, while with progressive download, the file is physically stored on the user s machine. It is important to understand the implications of each so you can successfully select the appropriate server to use.
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Additionally consider the use of a SQL view, versus direct table access, and having the Database Lookup functoid point to the database view. A SQL view offers the ability to manage table security permissions or the abstraction of the physical table structure.
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Figure 5-20. Adding tables and columns 6. The first requirement is to change the name to make it more meaningful. Quite often you will find that naming the key FK_ParentTable_ChildTable is the best method, so in this case change it to FK_Customers_Transactions as the CustomerDetails.Customers table will be the master table for this foreign key. We also need to define the column in each table that is the link. We are linking every one customer record to many transaction records and we can do so via the CustomerId. So select that column for both tables, as shown in Figure 5-21. Now click OK.
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[ -d /System/Library/CoreServices/ ] && echo 'Finder found!'
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Figure 14-4. Final look of the data table dtProductProfit
<servlet> <servlet-name>DisplayChart</servlet-name> <servlet-class>org.jfree.chart.servlet.DisplayChart</servlet-class> </servlet> <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>DisplayChart</servlet-name> <url-pattern>/servlet/DisplayChart</url-pattern> </servlet-mapping>
to carefully tweak exactly which parts of your page you ll want to have updated when you do a partial page refresh. With these and many more potential scenarios in mind, ASP.NET AJAX has been designed to provide controls, script libraries, and technology support to make building RIA applications as easy for the developer as possible. The functionality of ASP .NET AJAX has been broken down into two paradigms: server, containing the suite of ASP .NET controls to handle things such as partial refreshes, update progress, timers, and server-side integration with other applications across web services or other communications profiles; and client, which contains JavaScript classes to support value-added functionality, such as a browser-independent layer, extensions to support object orientation, and more. You can see the basic ASP .NET AJAX server and client architectures in Figure 12-1.
Note MessageContextPropertyBase properties of untyped messages may be set within the orchestration, but
When working on a stored procedure, there will be times when it is necessary to control the flow of information through it. The main control of flow is handled with an IF...ELSE statement. You can also control the flow with a WHILE...BREAK statement.
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