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An XSLT file is an XML document in itself as indicated by the XML processing instruction at the top. The root element of any XSLT style sheet must be <xsl:stylesheet>. An XSLT style sheet consists of one or more templates, which are marked with the <xsl:template> element. Each template works on one or more elements from the XML file as indicated by the match attribute. The forward slash (/) indicates the root element. The match attribute can take any valid XPath expression. Inside the outermost <xsl:template> element, the markup outputs an HTML table with four columns: employee ID, first name, last name, and notes. We wish to pick up every <employee> element from the document and extract its attribute and subelement values. The <xsl:for-each> element works like a for each loop in any programming language and selects a node set based on the criteria specified in the select attribute. In our example, because we wish to work with <employee> elements, the select attribute is set to employees/employee. The select attribute of <xsl:for-each> can take any valid XPath expression. Inside the <xsl:for-each> construct, the values of attributes and elements are retrieved by using the <xsl:value-of> element. The select attribute of <xsl:value-of> must be any valid XPath expression that returns the value to be outputted. Note the use of @employeeid to retrieve the value of the employeeid attribute. Thus the employeeid attribute and the values of the four subelements (<firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>) are outputted in the cells of the HTML table. The same process is repeated for all the employees in the Employees.xml file. Now that you are familiar with the XSLT style sheet, it s time to attach the style sheet to the XML document. To do so, you must add the markup shown in Listing 6-3 to the Employees.xml file.
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The big thing to look out for here is that the Ipkts field is greater than the others. The Name field refers to the name of the interface that the MAC address and the other statistics will be relevant for. The Network field is similar to the Name field but states the network that the interface can run on. The MTU field is the maximum transmission unit, which means the largest packet size that can be transferred in one physical frame on a
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Listing 5-7. Configuration for Stand-Alone Transactions with Hibernate
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The next clause indicates that you should use Windows Authentication (i.e., any valid logged-on Windows user can log on to SSE): integrated security = true You could alternatively have used sspi instead of true, as they both have the same effect. Other parameters are available. You ll use one later to specify the database to which you want to connect. Next you create a connection (a SqlConnection object), passing it the connection string. This doesn t create a database session. It simply creates the object you ll use later to open a session: 'Create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connstring)
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Figure 12-6. Final input form styled with inline properties
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You have a number of new configurations in your BizTalk applications. You want to refresh everything and make sure all configurations are acknowledged by BizTalk Server.
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Introduction to Silverlight Animation
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As an example, assume you have a simple Customer XML schema (CustomerSchema.dll) stored in an existing BizTalk project: <Customer> <FirstName> </FirstName> <LastName> </LastName> <MiddleInit> </MiddleInit> <Age></Age>
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We ve established that Linux is powerful, secure, and flexible. It doesn t nag you to register or ask you to type in lengthy registration codes.
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The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and server-side includes are both methods for allowing apache to call other applications. CGI is typically used to process data entered in a form on a web site. Server-side includes are used for including dynamic information in documents sent to clients, such as the current date, the last modification date of the file, and the size or last modification of other files. As with other options within Apache, these should be enabled only if required. To disable them, use Includes or ExecCGI in your options line. These options can be used on a per-directory basis using Apache directives in the httpd.conf file. Web designers will often place CGI files in locations that are not secure or attempt to assign them rights that are insecure and give wrong permissions to users who access these files and scripts. Restricting the allowed locations of executable scripts allows administrators to keep all CGI scripts in a central location to ensure proper security for these scripts. This also limits the damage that can be done by scripts that may be uploaded to a web directory and executed by someone with improper permissions. Many administrators are already familiar with using a dedicated directory for running CGI scripts or includes. The industry standard is to use the CGI-BIN directory on web servers. In Mac OS X, this folder is called the CGI-Executables directory by default. To maintain standards, you will notice the following line in the httpd.conf file:
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var items:Array = fileData.selectedItems; var promises:Array = new Array(); for each (var item:Object in items) { var filePromise:URLFilePromise = new URLFilePromise(); var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(item.url); filePromise.request = request; filePromise.relativePath =; promises.push(filePromise); } clipboard.setData(ClipboardFormats.FILE_PROMISE_LIST_FORMAT, promises); NativeDragManager.doDrag(fileData, clipboard);
Like the options for the previous area, the options for the ANSI area are discussed in 3. For now, note the default settings shown in Figure 2-21.
structure to the underlying source table from the database. A dataset like this is also commonly known as a typed dataset. We create a typed dataset by deriving it from the base dataset class. It has all the functionality that the base dataset class has to offer. In addition to this, a typed dataset provides strongly typed methods, events, and properties. To put it simply, this means you can access resources inside the dataset, such as tables and columns, by name. Another important benefit of a typed dataset is that any type mismatch is caught during the compilation, rather than at run time.
UInt32 Char String ^ [in], StringBuilder ^ [in, out] String String ^ [in], StringBuilder ^ [in, out] String Single Double
phpBB s search engine is also equipped with three types of predefined special searches. Any users guests or registered are able to find posts that have yet to receive a reply by clicking the View unanswered posts link in the top-right portion of the page, just above the forum and category listing. Registered users can perform two additional searches: A search for all new posts since the user s last visit (very useful for catching up with recent activity, especially after a long layoff from the forum) Affectionately nicknamed ego search, a search in which the user can find all his own posts on the forum
2. The HUD menu shows the option to edit the appearance of the Horizontal Scrollbar. Click
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