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Run the application and click the XAML Event button. The text to the right of the button will change to Thank you for clicking. Figures 4-3 and 4-4 show the application before and after clicking the XAML Event button.
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The Game Controller s Functions
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Now that your roles are set up, you can use them to create Access Rules for the content of your site. By default, every user (whether named or not) has access to everything. For example, if you want to give access to the root web to everyone, whether they are signed in or not, you don t need to do anything. If you want to give only regular users access to the UserFolder directory, you specify that all users are denied access first, and then specify that people in the User role are allowed. Similarly, for the administrative content (in the AdminFolder directory), you would first deny access to everyone, and then allow access only to those in the Administrator role (see Figures 13-11 and 13-12).
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Device backups are stored at ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup on OS X machines, on Windows machines they can be found at C:\ Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. Inside of this directory, you will see a directory for each device that you have synced with your system, named after the devices identifier, the same identifier utilized by the iPhone Configuration Utility. Each device will have a primary backup folder, as well as incremental backup folders, which are named after the device s identifier and suffixed with a date string. Inside of the device s primary folder, you will find a number of mddata, mdinfo, and mdbackup files. Each file is a plist file in binary format (see 7). Because of the lack of management capabilities, ensuring iPhones are fully backed up largely becomes reliant on user interaction. Because of this, it is recommended to utilize server-side storage whenever possible. For instance, it is highly recommended to utilize IMAP or ActiveSync based mail solutions over POP. Shared calendars should be utilized wherever possible, as should contacts. In any case, strong user education is highly encouraged, users need to be aware to their responsibilities to ensuring their iPhone s are synced to their computers on a regular basis. Restoring a device that has previously been synchronized to a Mac OS X computer is a fairly straightforward process, making resetting devices a plausible troubleshooting step. To restore a device, open iTunes and click on the Device in the DEVICES section of your list in the left-hand pane. At the Summary page you will see a button to Restore. Click on it and you will then be greeted by a confirmation screen asking if you really want to do this, since after all it is going to wipe out anything that was new to the device since the last synchronization. If you are OK with that, click on OK and the restore will begin, and will take as long as the media you have in iTunes will take to synchronize from iTunes to the device.
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Computer Access Filters
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For the command to process correctly, the account under which it s running must be able to access files in all folders of the tree where .DS_Store files may exist. If you find new .DS_Store files appearing after you ve followed all these procedures, look at the owner of the new files. Typically you ll find that your procedure skipped that user s account.
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CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
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and output streams.
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Figure 2-13. Directory Utility
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9. Refer to for more details.
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Developing a Portlet for Lucene
Viewing What s Currently Running
by right-clicking a section of the vertical process flow arrow and selecting Insert Shape.
Figure 4-12. Modifying an XML document by using XPathNavigator The application consists of text boxes to supply values for employee ID, first name, last name, home phone, and notes. There are four buttons for adding a new employee, modifying an existing employee, deleting an existing employee, and saving the changed document,
$dscl /LDAPv3/ list /Groups
Tip Also useful is Ctrl+C, which will kill a job that s currently running. For example, if you previously
InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream("/crowdNoise.mp3"); Player player = Manager.createPlayer(is, "audio/mpeg"); player.realize(); StopTimeControl time = (StopTimeControl)player.getControl("StopTimeControl"); VolumeControl volume = (VolumeControl)player.getControl("VolumeControl"); if (time != null) { time.setStopTime(5000000); // Microseconds } if (volume != null) { volume.setLevel(50); } player.start();
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