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showing the free disk space. Disk Cleanup is also accessible by clicking Start All Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Cleanup. You might also consider turning off System Restore. This consumes a lot of disk space, which you can therefore reclaim. However, deactivating System Restore will mean that you lose the possibility of returning your system to a previous state should anything go wrong. To access the System Restore under Vista, click the Start button, and then rightclick Computer in the menu. Select Properties, and click the System Protection link on the left of the window that appears. Next, remove the check alongside the drives under the Available Disk list, confirm that you want to turn off System Restore, and click the OK button on the System Properties dialog box. Under Windows XP, right-click My Computer, click Properties, and then click the System Restore tab. Next, put a check alongside Turn Off System Restore on all Drives, and click OK. If you still cannot free up enough disk space, consider uninstalling unused software via the Add/Remove Programs applet within Control Panel. If you have any large games installed, consider removing them first, because they usually take up substantial amounts of hard disk space. You might also consider deleting movie and MP3 music files, which are renowned for eating up hard disk space. The average MP3 is around 4MB, for example, and one minute of video typically takes up 1MB of disk space!
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Connecting Your Camera
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Figure 13 3. Defining an SMB/Windows user
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Case Else Label1.Text = "An error occurred while creating the user." End Select End Sub Within this code, there certainly is a great deal of functionality happening with a minimal amount of effort. First, you declare a variable name, createresult, as a MembershipCreateStatus enumeration. Dim createresult As MembershipCreateStatus This variable is then passed in as a parameter with the Membership.CreateUser method. Membership.CreateUser(textNewUsername.Text, textNewPassword.Text, textEmail.Text, dropdownlistQuestion.SelectedItem.Value, textAnswer.Text, True, createresult) Here you can see there are several parameters passed in with the CreateUser method, starting with the username, textNewUsername.Text; the password, textNewPassword.Text; the email address, textEmail.Text; the security question, dropdownlistQuestion.SelectedItem.Value; the answer to the security question, textAnswer.Text, a Boolean value of whether the new user can access the application true, and finally, the enumerated variable of MembershipCreateStatus, createresult. You are all set now to build and run the code. When doing so you will see the login page with the link to create a new user, and after clicking the link, the new user panel will appear (Figure 11-8).
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Figure 9 10. The Import Summary page of the Import Wizard Figure 9 11 shows the Demo.BizTalk application imported in the example added to the Applications node in the BizTalk Administration Console. Once an application has been imported, starting the application will complete the necessary deployment steps.
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Accept That Nothing Is Wrong
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Application Tier
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You may need to cross-reference members of your class. The MSDN library itself is a good example of this. At many places, documentation of one class points to another related class. Also, at the bottom of the documentation page, there appears a section called See Also. You can achieve the same thing for your documentation by using the <see> and <seealso> tags. The <see> tag must be used inside the <summary> or <remarks> tags. The <seealso> tag has an attribute called cref that points to another member and can be used outside the <summary> tag. Listing 11-37 illustrates the use of the <seealso> tag as an example. Listing 11-37. Using the <seealso> Tag /// <summary> /// This method adds two integers. /// </summary> /// <param name="a">The first number</param> /// <param name="b">The second number</param> /// <returns>An integer representing addition of a and b</returns> /// <permission cref="Add">Public method</permission> /// <seealso cref="Subtract"/> public int Add(int a, int b) { return (a + b); }
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following in the Location box: /usr/bin/rhythmbox.
Caution When editing your phpBB files, make sure you use a plain text editor, and not something like
' Process the result set While reader.Read() Console.WriteLine("{0} | {1}", _ reader("FirstName").ToString().PadLeft(10), _ reader(1).ToString().PadLeft(10)) End While Catch e As Exception Console.WriteLine("Error: ", e) Finally ' Close reader reader.Close() End Try End Sub End Module 2. Make this project the startup program by right-clicking the project name in Solution Explorer and then clicking Set As StartUp Project as shown earlier in Figure 9-4. 3. Run the application with Ctrl+F5. The results should appear as in Figure 9-17.
n s 11 and 12, I told you a lot about the various places in your remoting applications that can be extended by custom sinks and providers. What I didn t tell you is why you d want to change the default remoting behavior. There are a lot of reasons for doing so: Compression or encryption of the message s contents. Passing additional information from the client to the server. For example, you could pass the client-side thread s priority to the server so that the remote execution is performed using the same priority. Extending the look and feel of .NET Remoting. You could, for example, switch to a perhost authentication model instead of the default per-object model. Debugging your applications by dumping the message s contents to the console or to a log file. And last but not least, custom sinks and providers enable you to use other transport mediums such as MSMQ or even SMTP/POP3. You might ask why Microsoft hasn t already implemented these features itself. The only answer I can give you is that most programmers, including myself, really prefer being able to change the framework and add the necessary features themselves in a clean and documented way. You can look forward to getting message sinks from various third-party providers, including Web sites from which you can download sinks with included source code.
So What Is the Cost
Digest authentication
You should find that you also have an entry for Windows, located at the bottom of the list. To boot into Windows, simply use the cursor keys to move the selection to the appropriate option, and then press Enter. You should also see an entry ending in (recovery mode). This is a little like Safe Mode within Windows. If you select recovery mode, Ubuntu will boot to a text mode menu with three options: Resume Resume normal boot: This option allows you to boot normally, as if you didn t need to fix anything at all. However, the big difference with this option compared to a graphical boot is that Ubuntu boots in text mode, which means that you are able to see system messages as Ubuntu is booting up. If you have problems with booting Ubuntu, you can run in recovery mode and choose this option to find error messages in the boot process. Root Drop to root shell prompt: This option boots with conservative system settings and then presents you with a command-line prompt in administrator mode (you run as the root user see 29 for more information on the root user account). The typical usage of the administrator prompt is to change passwords of users if they forgot their passwords, free up disk space to run normally, and uninstall buggy software to bring back system stability. The system commands that can be used for recovery are passwd, mv, rm, cp, mkdir, and dpkg. These are discussed further in s 13 (copying, deleting, and moving files and folders), 28 (uninstalling packages) and 29 (changing passwords). When you ve finished, type exit to return to the recovery menu.
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