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From the Solution Explorer, right-click the SampleInterop project and choose Add Reference. From the Projects tab, select the Workflow35 project. Press F6 to rebuild the solution. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the SampleInterop project and choose properties. The project s Property window will be displayed. Make sure that the target framework is the full .NET 4.0 version, not the client profile as shown in Figure 19-5. The Interop activity is not currently available in the client profile.
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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Implementing the Client When using metadata-only output from SoapSuds, the client looks a lot different from the previous one. In fact, it closely resembles the examples I show you at the beginning of this chapter. First you have to set a reference to the newly generated meta.dll from the current SoapSuds invocation and indicate that your client will be using this namespace. You can then proceed with the standard approach of creating and registering a channel and calling Activator.GetObject() to create a reference to the remote object. This is shown in Listing 3-25.
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Figure 1-4. Northwind installation scripts Installation Complete window The installation files have been extracted to C:\SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases.
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Consider another solution if the following are high priorities for you: There is a chance that users have removed support for advanced crypto from their devices. Certain crypto algorithms are not supported.
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Figure 3-27. Calls to the first server will go there directly without passing the client.
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Here, you have configured the server address, the URI to the calendars themselves, which is relative to the server address and enabled SSL authentication. Again, we have chosen to make use of the %@ to push out settings specific to each user connecting to the iCal solution.
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Figure 14 4. Network Utility Whois tab
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The retrieved reference may be null if user attributes are unsupported or unavailable; otherwise, a Map instance will be provided. The attribute values are then extracted to form the map:
Cleaning Up in Sequence Expressions
Figure 5-4. ReportViewer in design mode on Default.aspx
The most common ciphers rely on a shared secret, also known as a symmetric key, when performing decryption. This means that both the encoder and decoder must have access to the same key, which each uses to perform its operation. The past half-century has also witnessed the development of public key encryption, also known as an asymmetric key system. In this crypto system, the encryptor and the decryptor use two separate keys. This is very useful in applications like internet commerce where you want many strangers to be able to send you encrypted data, but you do not want to allow any of those strangers to decrypt each others messages. However, the private key for an asymmetric key system is still a critical secret that must be preserved.
Table 3-10. T-SQL Date/Time Data Types SQL Data Type
this.UserId = e.Result; } else { this.UserId = Guid.Empty; MessageBox.Show("Failed to add user please try again!"); } }
Figure 1 22. Keychain Access options
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