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} return (session != nil); }
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Figure 7 1. Initial Rule Store connection manager 3. 4. Within the Policy Explorer, right-click the Policies node, and click Add New Policy and give the policy a name. By default, version 1.0 of the policy is created. You may change the version number if you want by selecting the version, navigating to the Properties window, and setting the Version property. Right-click the version, and choose Save. See Figure 7 2.
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has to be able to step backwards in the second data stack each time it moves forwards a row in the first data stack. One side effect of this is that the merge join is not completely symmetrical despite comments in the manual, the second data is always fully acquired, sorted, and instantiated; it cannot be acquired piece-wise (for example, by walking an index) like the first data set. Given the increasing complexity of the work that has to be done, especially in the last three joins, we might expect the cost of the merge join to vary with the type. Script merge_samples.sql in the online code suite demonstrates queries that match the pictures, and produces the execution plan results: alter session set hash_join_enabled = false; create table t1 as with generator as ( select --+ materialize rownum id from all_objects where rownum <= 3000 ) select rownum id, rownum n1, trunc((rownum - 1)/2) n2, lpad(rownum,10,'0') small_vc, rpad('x',100,'x') padding from generator v1, generator v2 where rownum <= 10000 ; alter table t1 add constraint t1_pk primary key(id); ----select count(distinct t1_vc ||t2_vc) from ( select /*+ no_merge ordered use_merge(t2) */ t1.small_vc t1_vc, t2.small_vc t2_vc Create table t2 in the same fashion Collect statistics using dbms_stats here The following statement has different predicates, corresponding to the five pictures in the diagram
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Figure 16 7. Configuring global password policies
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Scalar Subqueries
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Performing the Update examples
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Notice particularly that the same query with different inputs could mean that the standard cardinality estimate is too high (Aries and December) or too low (Aries and April). This means the problem of dependencies, particularly between columns in a single table, is not one that can be solved automatically. 9i offers dynamic sampling as a partial solution, and 10g offers profiles we will take a further look at both options in 6. But since the error in cardinality could go either way on exactly the same input text, the only complete solution requires Oracle to optimize for each set of input values as they appear by sampling the data. This may be feasible in a data warehouse environment, but is not viable in a high-performance OLTP system because of the extra resource consumption and contention issues that would inevitably appear.
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In this chapter, we covered portlet preferences for setting and retrieving individual user configuration settings for a portlet. We also discussed the preferences validator for verifying each user s preferences when they are stored. The portlet s configuration can be accessed through the methods on the GenericPortlet base class if necessary. Information about the portal server the portlet is running in can be retrieved through the PortalContext class. This information includes available window states, portlet modes, and portal properties.
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Out of memory. Stream has exhausted available data. Other error. Media file is corrupt. Server is not responding. Connection is unavailable. Invalid URL. File is unseekable. Streaming server is not responding. Missing DRM rights. Streaming server rejected streaming request. Streaming server error. Payment is required. Streaming server forbids client connection. Item to stream not found. Client must authenticate with a proxy prior to streaming. Request URI too large. Insufficient bandwidth for streaming. Session expired. Unsupported UDP or TCP transport streaming.
Creating a Windows Forms Project
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