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In Silverlight, animations are based on keyframes within a storyboard. These keyframes are set on a timeline, and they define the start and end points of a smooth visual transition. Figure 11-2 shows the Expression Blend timeline, which is located in the Objects and Timeline panel.
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public class Address { public string AddressLine1 = String.Empty; public string City = String.Empty; public string PostalCode = String.Empty; public int AddressID = -1; } public class Addresses : List<Address> { }
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As was explained earlier, the first three characters after the d designate permissions for the owner. In this case, rwx is represented in binary as 111, which has a decimal value of 7. The group also has rwx privileges, which is also a decimal value of 7. The everyone class has only read and execute permissions, r-x, which is 101 in binary and a decimal value of 5. Thus, the above permissions translate to 775 in their decimal form, a common type of notation called octal notation. See Table-41 for a better representation of the permissions layout.
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Changing Enumeration Identifiers
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Basic Types and Literals ( 3) sbyte byte int16 uint16 int32 uint32 int64 uint64 string single double char nativeint unativeint bool unit = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = System.SByte 76y System.Byte 76uy System.Int16 76s System.UInt16 76us System.Int32 76 System.UInt32 76u System.Int64 76L System.UInt64 76UL System.String "abc", @"c:\etc" System.Single 3.14f System.Double 3.14, 3.2e5 System.Char '7' System.IntPtr 76n System.UIntPtr 76un System.Boolean true, false Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Unit () Basic Type Abbreviations int8 uint8 int float32 float = = = = = sbyte byte int32 single double
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6. Insert the code in Listing 13-1 into the click event handler for Button1. This provides the first exception.
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How It Works
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Figure 3-4. Database node after attaching RealWorld sample database
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0080: 23 8A 16 EC 77 CD 9D 41 0090: 76 4D 39 34 88 3A AD 7E 00A0: 04 16 BD 1F 56 09 B6 90 00B0: 37 B3 53 BB 57 71 09 FD 00C0: 69 D5 C2 C3 53 75 40 22 00D0: 96 80 B5 2A 44 2D CD CA 00E0: EF 84 18 1D 6B 63 47 C7
Figure 16 33. Disable SSH
The problem with autowiring is that it makes the relationship between the beans and their dependencies completely implicit. This can make diagnosing configuration problems quite difficult (it is relatively easy to assign the wrong dependency without having any conspicuous entry in the configuration files to indicate this), and autowiring can seem a little too much like magical behavior to novice Spring developers. The other limitation of autowiring is that you cannot configure multiple beans of the same type that are to be used for the autowiring of other beans, because the framework would then have no way to determine which bean was to be injected. Autowiring is therefore of no use for the general case. It could still be used when a single definition of the required type will be made available (as, for example, tends to be the case for the Hibernate session factory discussed in the next chapter). However, mixing autowiring and explicit wiring of beans just adds unnecessary hidden complexity to your configuration files.
Note It isn t the job of this book to dictate a position for you on the ethics of using software that has been
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