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<flow:registry id="flowRegistry"> <flow:location path="classpath:**-flow.xml"/> </flow:registry> Note that the flow registry will use the filename of the flow configuration file to determine the flow name that will be used to identify it. In the example application, the web flow declaration for the flow to create a new user is in the file createUser-flow.xml on the classpath, so its flowId is therefore createUser-flow. The flow configuration files use the same schema namespace as was used to declare the registry and executor, but as you are declaring them in an external configuration file, you would not normally need to include the general Spring schema options. Listing 6-21 shows you the typical schema definition.
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RedirectEvent SetHeaderEvent SetHttpCookieEvent StopEvent ContentReadEvent Event UrlRequestedEvent
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As an exercise, if we were to remove the execute permissions from the root directory of our volume, / , then a significant number of critical processes, including our own user environment, would fail to properly operate due to lack of resources. By eliminating execute privileges on the root directory, we essentially cut off access to all data on the drive. Denying execute privileges is a good way to completely block users from accessing data at the perimeter of a directory structure, thus allowing you to continue to use owner, group, and everyone management on subdirectories with impunity from users that don t meet criteria further up the tree. Contrast this to the read mode: if we were to simply remove read permissions from root, the ramifications would be far less drastic. We would not be able to view the contents directly of the root directory, but once we traversed into a subfolder, such as /Applications (possible because it is executable), we would be subject to the Application s folders permissions, and subsequently the permissions on any of the individual files in that subdirectory. Now, because we don t have read access to list the contents of the root volume, we wouldn t be able to traverse into a subfolder unless we knew that it existed and what it was named. But this type of security through obscurity can also be bypassed. What we want to emphasize here is that denying users read privileges on a directory will not prevent them from traversing into its subdirectories, where they ll have any access granted at the applicable owner, group or everyone classes, a potentially less secure environment. Modes are established on a file through the use of a bit-flag system. To truly understand this system, it is best to look at it from a command line system (we will cover GUI permissions a bit further on in this section). For example, consider the list of files and directories in the /Users folder that the command ls al /Users produces, shown in Figure 4 1.
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//enable report's ability to read external images ReportViewer1.LocalReport.EnableExternalImages = true; //prepare report data source ReportDataSource rds = new ReportDataSource(); rds.Name = "dsSalesAnalysis_dtSalesAnalysis"; rds.Value = dsReport.Tables[0]; ReportViewer1.LocalReport.DataSources.Add(rds); } catch (Exception ex) { //display generic error message back to user Response.Write(ex.Message); } finally { //check if connection is still open then attempt to close it if (conReport.State == ConnectionState.Open) { conReport.Close(); } } } } The code here is a common ADO.NET interface similar to our example earlier in this chapter. We start with connecting to our RealWorld database and gathered data from the SalesAnalysis table. After that, we bind the data to the reporting engine.
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path for the directory service.
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// Resume the instance from the last bookmark try { i.ResumeBookmark("GetCompletion", a); } catch (Exception e2) { AddEvent(e2.Message); } } } private void lstLeads_SelectionChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (lstLeads.SelectedIndex >= 0) { Assignment a = lstLeads.Items[lstLeads.SelectedIndex] as Assignment; UpdateControls(a); } else { lblSelectedNotes.Content = ""; lblSelectedNotes.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; btnComplete.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; txtRemarks.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; } } public void UpdateAssignment(Assignment assignment) { // Find the row that matches this record int nSelected = -1; for (int i = 0; i < lstLeads.Items.Count; i++) { Assignment a = lstLeads.Items[i] as Assignment; if (a.AssignmentID == assignment.AssignmentID) { nSelected = i; break; } } // Update the grid if (nSelected >= 0) { lstLeads.Items[nSelected] = assignment; lstLeads.Items.Refresh(); UpdateControls(assignment); } }
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You can create new keychains by clicking Open Keychain Access and clicking the + sign on the next screen. This essentially creates an encrypted file containing other information that needs to be secured, such as cached passwords to web sites. This is similar to an encrypted disk image. The password assigned to each keychain will decrypt the keychain file, thereby unlocking the keychain. Each keychain can and should have a different password.
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The RAID 1+0 level offers the highest performance of any RAID level. It provides fault tolerance, too. And it costs more money, because you need twice as many disks.
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Figure 3-10. Server-side output when using CAOs
As you can see in Figure 23-4, the context menu also includes a Wrap option, which lets you set the type of text wrap you want to use. By default, Optimal Page Wrap is selected. This causes the text to wrap down just one side of the picture the side on which the picture is farthest from the edge of the page. Alternatives include No Wrap, which will mean that the graphic will occupy the entire space on the page; no text is allowed on either side of it. However, Page Wrap is the best option if you re looking for a desktop publishing style effect, because the text will wrap around both sides of the picture. Alternatively, if you wish the image to appear in the background of the page with text flowing across it, you can select the relevant option from the context menu. As always within, ultimate control is achieved by opening the relevant dialog box. You can set up how graphics are treated on the page by right-clicking the image and selecting Picture. In the dialog box that appears, you can select the wrap effect, specify the invisible border around the wrap (which governs how close the text is to the image), and give the image a border frame.
You can use SuperDuper to back up your computer to an image file. You can also store multiple image files on one hard drive for historical backups, or back up multiple computers to one drive. To make this organized and clean, you can also back up multiple computers to one drive by partitioning the drive that the backups will reside on and dedicating a partition to each user s backup.
The last editable section in the Advanced Edit mode is the Custom Fields section. These are fields available to be used by various plug-ins you can add to WordPress. The use of these is always specific to the plug-ins you have installed and enabled. If you need to use any of these, the documentation for your plug-in will tell you.
Services, etc., if they are not being used.
// Instantiate and initialize a security context // that will be established with the server GSSContext context = manager.createContext( serverName, krb5Mechanism, userCreds, GSSContext.DEFAULT_LIFETIME); return context; } private String credentialPrincipal; private String contextPrincipal; private int usage; } // This utility class should not be instantiated private GSSContextUtil() { } }
s.abbr = c.sabbr for xml auto, root('states')
command prompt, navigate to the directory in which your MSBuild1.csproj file is located. (Note that MSBuild is also capable of processing solution files, despite that solutions files are not in MSBuild format.) From there, execute the following command: >msbuild. This will execute the default target on the only project file residing in that directory. Your output should look something like Figure 2-2.
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