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SELECT <select list> FROM left-table INNER JOIN right-table ON <join specification>
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3. The Nokia 6680 then prompted us to create a PIN. You may find that some devices
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Getting the Web Site Ready
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Note The File
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Figure 10-14. The ReceiveRequest parameter list Click the Content link of the SendResponse activity. Select the Parameters radio button and click the Add new parameter link. Enter the Name as Result; for Type, select BookInventory.BookInfo[] from the drop-down list. (This type is in the drop-down list because you just used it to define the result variable.) The dialog should look like the one shown in Figure 10-15.
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Figure 11-1. Remoting architecture Every .NET application has a security and isolation boundary. Traditionally, this boundary is provided by the operating system in the form of a process. In the .NET Framework, however, this boundary is provided by the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and is called the application domain, or app domain for short. Two .NET app domains (or applications) cannot talk to each other directly for the sake of obvious security and isolation reasons. If you wish to communicate between two app domains, you need a proxy and marshalling infrastructure.
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To use Hessian to communicate from Flex to Java, you employ the Hessian client-side library for Flash/Flex. You can download the SWC library file from the Hessian home page ( For Flex, you need to get hessian-flex- version_number .swc from the binary distribution list. You ll also find links to API documentation and example applications (including server-side push using Comet) on this page. The Hessian Flash/Flex client library uses mx.rpc.AbstractService and mx.rpc.AbstractOperations like the libraries for XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, WebService, and RemoteService. The service that manages RPC extends AbstractService, and the remote methods map to AbstractOperations. The primary component is abstracted as HessianService, and that s where you configure the remote Hessian destination. In MXML, this tag looks like this:
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private function resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void { var title:String; var publish:String; var content:String; var author:String; var image:String; var price:String; for each (var property:XML in event.result.entry) { title = property.title; publish = property.published; content = property.content; author =; image = property.image_link; price = property.price; dataProvider.addItem({label: title, publish: publish, content: content, author: author, icon: image, price: price}); } }
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At this stage, all you had was an empty dataset. The key line is where you used the Fill method on the data adapter to execute the query, retrieve the data, and populate the dataset:
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