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Nothing. (It isn t a query.) A single value. Zero or more rows. XML. (You ll learn more about this in 17.)
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A portlet accesses its initialization parameters through the PortletConfig object. The getInitParameter(String name) method takes the name of the initialization parameter as its argument, and returns the value of the initialization parameter as a String object. If the parameter does not exist in the deployment descriptor, the method will return a null value. If the name passed in as an argument is null, the method will throw an IllegalArgumentException.
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Initializing Variables
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We ll start with the trace event I set in the very first test the CBO or 10053 trace. When I had a manual workarea_size_policy, a sort_area_size of 1MB, and CPU costing disabled, the critical sections of the trace file look like this: SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH TABLE: T1 ORIG CDN: 1048576 ROUNDED CDN: 1048576 Access path: tsc Resc: 266 Resp: 266 BEST_CST: 266.00 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 CMPTD CDN: 1048576
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Once you have logged into the appropriate AirPort, click the AirPort icon in the toolbar, and then click the Base Station tab. On the Base Station tab, you will be able to reset the password to administer the AirPort, rename the base station, and add a network time server so the base station s time is always up to date (see Figure 12 5). As mentioned before, the administrator password should be changed immediately. This section also allows the administrator to set the time on the AirPort automatically by clicking Set Time Automatically. This is important for making sense of system logs, and can play a critical role in dealing with encryption keys. Once you have set an administrative password, click the Wireless tab.
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x |> ignore x x x x x x x x x x + * / % y y y y y y y y y y -----------
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Running Queries and Scripts
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Figure 2-13. A list item example
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Implicitly from System::ValueType or System::Enum. May implement arbitrarily many interfaces. A default constructor and destructor are generated, but no copy constructor. You cannot define your own default constructor or copy constructor. You can define constructors with parameters. You cannot define a default destructor.
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Figure 8-6. The phpBB Administration panel in all its glory
CHAPTER 4: The Game Controller
Similarly, you can push out the domain prefs through MCX, Apple s built in client management system (discussed further in 7). You ll find this preference file at ~/Library/Preferences/
Additionally, you can use the request ); method to download the file. In this case, it will be marked as downloaded automatically.
Name the project Pong and save it wherever you d like. Xcode will provide you with the project window and open the Classes, Other Sources, and Resources folders on the left. Your project window should look like that shown in Figure 6 5. While this all seems pretty straightforward, carefully check the list of files on the left side to make sure they match. Creating a different project type causes a different set of files to be produced.
import org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer; import org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; import org.apache.lucene.demo.HTMLDocument; import org.apache.lucene.document.Document; import org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter; public class Indexer { protected IndexWriter writer = null; protected Analyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(); public void init(String indexPath) throws IOException { //set Lucene lockdir System.setProperty("org.apache.lucene.lockdir", indexPath); //create a new Lucene index, overwriting the existing one. writer = new IndexWriter(indexPath, analyzer, true); } public void indexFiles(String contentPath) throws IOException { File contentDir = new File(contentPath); if (!contentDir.exists()) { throw new IOException("Content directory does not exist."); } if (!contentDir.isDirectory()) { System.out.println(contentPath + " is not a directory."); return; } File[] indexableFiles = contentDir.listFiles(); { if (indexableFiles != null) { for (int ctr = 0; ctr < indexableFiles.length; ctr++) { if (indexableFiles[ctr].isFile()) {
3. Add a new class named Images to the project. Replace the code in Images.vb with the code in Listing 16-2.
From c In ds.Tables(0).ToQueryable() _
Other Build Issues
Typical Command Options
Values cannot be modified, as the column is totally controlled by SQL Server internally. Each row will be unique by virtue of the ID being unique. You would have to perform all of these tasks if SQL Server did not do so. Therefore, by using this option in a column definition, you can use the value generated to create a solid, reliable, and unique link from one table to another, rather than relying on more imprecise selection criteria.
Figure 7-10. Selecting the SiteMapDataSource control s data source 2. Now that you have the Menu control on each of your Web Forms, you can build and run the web project to see the Menu control in action. Press the F5 key or click the Start Debugging green arrow. After your new code compiles, you will see the screen shown in Figure 7-11. Notice how the unique functionality of the Menu control displays a pop-out region of the other web pages within your web project. 3. Click on the other links in the Menu control to see how it is displayed.
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