.net data matrix reader Using Multiple Result Sets with a Data Reader in visual basic.net

Render DataMatrix in visual basic.net Using Multiple Result Sets with a Data Reader

functions and mutable state. This is because all the construction arguments and let bindings are private to the object instance being constructed. This is just one of the ways of encapsulating information in F# programming. 7 covers encapsulation more closely.
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calendar:SudoersFile = "/etc/caldavd/sudoers.plist" calendar:DirectoryService:params:restrictEnabledRecords = no calendar:DirectoryService:params:restrictToGroup = "" calendar:DirectoryService:params:cacheTimeout = 30 calendar:DirectoryService:params:node = "/Search" calendar:DirectoryService:type = "twistedcaldav.directory.appleopendirectory.
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Figure 14-9. Code view of your Windows Forms Application project 10. Now it s time to run and test the application. To do so, press Ctrl+F5. Visual Studio 2008 will load the application. 11. Enter values in the First Name and Last Name text boxes, and then click the Submit button; you will see a message similar to the one shown in Figure 14-10. 12. Click OK, and then close the Windows Application form.
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This code is a bit different from what you ve written earlier. When the call to the GetSchemaTable method is made, a populated instance of a data table is returned:
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Coding the Application
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CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
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Student Service
Configuring Clients
Once you are satisfied with what you are going to sync, you will need to instruct the system as to when this information should be synchronized. Click the Synchronize with MobileMe drop-down box next to Manually to display the various options for scheduling (see Figure 18 13). Here you will be able to tell the system to sync Automatically (when changes are made), Every Hour, Every Day, or Every Week. As faulty humans, we tend to forget to manually sync data, so we recommend that you have it sync automatically.
Creating a Class Library
Figure 12 17. Securely Configuring AirTunes
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