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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging barcode reader
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Configuration Tools
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Now make similar changes to the AssignLead activity. The modified implementation is shown in Listing 15-3. Listing 15-3. Modified Implementation of AssignLead.cs using System; using System.Activities; namespace LeadGenerator { /*****************************************************/ // This custom activity assigns a Lead to the specified // person (AssignedTo parameter). The updated Lead is // returned in the output parameter. /*****************************************************/ public sealed class AssignLead : CodeActivity { public InArgument<string> AssignedTo { get; set; } public InOutArgument<Lead> Lead { get; set; } protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context) { Lead l = Lead.Get(context); l.AssignedTo = AssignedTo.Get(context);
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1. Open Network Proxy Preferences (System Preferences Network Proxy). 2. On the Proxy Configuration tab, choose one of the three types of proxy configuration:
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Table 5 9. Error To Administrator Schema
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your backup strategy. Backups are covered in more detail in 7.
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But while we would love to say that security holes are not found on Linux, the sad truth is that they re a fact of life for users of every operating system. Many so-called rootkits specialized software toolkits that aim to exploit holes within the Linux operating system and its software are available. The bottom line is that while writing a virus or worm for Linux is much harder than doing the same thing on Windows, all Linux users should spend time securing their system and never assume that they re safe.
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Using the Backspace key, delete quiet splash -- from the end of the line. Then press Enter. If you continue to see graphical corruption, try using the solution to the next problem.
#define _SERIAL_ #include SERIAL.H
This sink s behavior is probably the most complex one. It is the last hardwired sink, and therefore has no direct references to other sinks in the chain. So how can the method call specified in the message be executed The ServerContextTerminatorSink looks at the IMessage s ServerIdentity object, using InternalSink.GetServerIdentity(), and requests this object s message sink chain using ServerIdentity.GetServerObjectChain(). The ServerIdentity s object chain is populated by a call to the static method CreateServerObjectChain() of the Context class. This call creates a ServerObjectTerminatorSink at the absolute end of the chain and puts other sinks before it. These other sinks are obtained from the DomainSpecificRemotingData object, which is held in the RemotingData property of AppDomain. DomainSpecificRemotingData by default contains a reference to LeaseSink that will be placed in the chain before the terminator sink. The resulting sink chain, which is obtained from the ServerIdentity object, is shown in Figure 11-8.
Some hacks out there really should be regular features of phpBB. Until that happens, you ll probably want to install those hacks on the phpBB boards you run. Other hacks provide cool features that you might find interesting. Table 11-1 lists some hacks that I recommend.
Exercise 4-1. Add a Custom Style Sheet for TinyMCE
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