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In this chapter, we ve examined Writer, one of the core components of We ve looked at the some of the key tools, which enable quick and easy document creation. In particular, you ve learned how to format text, use the spell-checking component, insert pictures, create and edit tables, mail merge, and add headers and footers. In the next chapter, we move on to another vital part of Calc, the spreadsheet component.
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So, just enter a dot and a forward slash, followed by the program name. The dot tells BASH that what you re referring to is right here. Like the tilde symbol (~) mentioned earlier, this dot is BASH shorthand.
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It shows the version of SSE you installed in 1. (Your version might differ.)
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void f() { interior_ptr<int> p = &array1[0]; for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { Console::WriteLine(*p++); } } }; Note that when you dereference an interior pointer, you get the object, just like a regular pointer. If you take the address of an interior pointer, you get a native pointer that is the address that the interior pointer designates. However, it s not a good idea to do that since the native pointer won t necessarily continue to point to the object. Once the garbage collector moves that object around in memory, the address of the object will no longer match the native pointer.
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How It Works
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gksu gedit /etc/init.d/rc
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Two recurring topics in asynchronous programming are exceptions and cancellation. Let s first explore some of the behavior of asynchronous programs with regard to exceptions: > let failingTask = async { do failwith "fail" };; val failingTask: Async<unit> > Async.RunSynchronously failingTask;; Microsoft.FSharp.Core.FailureException: fail stopped due to error > let failingTasks = [ async { do failwith "fail A" }; async { do failwith "fail B" }; ];;
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8 1. Adding an EDI Schema to a Project
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When someone installs an application over the air by loading a JAD file in his browser, he will be given the choice to set individual application permissions as part of the download. If he selects this option, he will be greeted with a prompt similar to that shown in Figure 9-1. You cannot control the text in this prompt, nor can you control what permissions are shown on the following screen. However, you can include instructions about what the user should do on an HTML landing page before directing them to the JAD. For example, you could include a statement such as, This app must access the Internet in order to function properly. On the following screen, please set application permissions and verify that the Internet permission is set to Allow.
In this chapter, you will modify the application to coordinate the database updates with the workflow persistence so they are performed on the same database transaction. This will ensure that your application tables are consistent with the instance data. You will provide extensions that override the PersistenceParticipant class and update your application data when the workflow is persisted.
Note This implementation relies heavily on creating anonymous class instances. Classes such as Sequence,
s By default, extracted XML documents are plain text files. You can open the productstable.xml file Tip
Selectivity = (required range) / (high value - low value) + 2 * density = (200 117)/(251-117) + (117-100)/(117-17) + 2 * 0.000177746 = 0.619403 + 0.17 + .000355486 = 0.789047508 Cardinality = selectivity * number of rows IN A BUCKET = 0.789047508 * 80 = 63.1238 Sure enough, when we run the query with autotrace, we see the following: Execution Plan ( autotrace) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=60 Card=63 Bytes=945) 1 0 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=60 Card=63 Bytes=945) The second test case is, of course, a range scan across buckets with a popular value: n1 between 400 and 600. (One of my spikes was at n1 = 500.) We need to check up on a little section from the histogram that will be relevant: ENDPOINT_NUMBER ENDPOINT_VALUE --------------- -------------12 357 13 450 19 500 20 520 21 598 22 670
3. Open a terminal window (Applications Accessories Terminal), and type
GNU Make is probably the most popular build tool on the Unix platform. GNU Make obtained its popularity because of the vast number of extensions it made to BSD Make. GNU Make is a part of the GNU toolset and, thus, is still alive and supported. This build tool is distributed under the GNU open source license.
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