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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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Objects can be difficult to implement from scratch; for example, a graphical user interface (GUI) component must respond to many different events, often in regular and predictable ways, and it would be tedious to have to recode all this behavior for each component. This makes it essential to support the process of creating partial implementations of objects, where the partial implementations can then be completed or customized. The following sections cover techniques to build partial implementations of objects.
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upcoming examples, we could remove the WHERE ShareId=1 statement, which would then allow you to group the results by each different ShareId. The basic syntax for grouping is defined in the following code. It is possible to expand GROUP BY further to include rolling up or providing cubes of information; however, such a discussion falls outside the scope of this book. GROUP BY [ALL] (column1[,column2,...]) The option ALL is a bit like an OUTER JOIN. If you have a WHERE statement as part of your SELECT statement, any grouping filtered out will still return a row in the results, but instead of aggregating the column, a value of NULL will be returned. I tend to use this as a checking mechanism. I can see the rows with values and the rows without values, and visually this will tell me that my filtering is correct. When working with GROUP BY, the main point that you have to be aware of is that any column defined in the SELECT statement that does not form part of the aggregation MUST be contained within the GROUP BY clause and be in the same order as the SELECT statement. Failure to do this will mean that the query will give erroneous results, and in many cases use a lot of resources in giving these results.
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<TraceInterceptorConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""> <TrackPoint Type="Start"> <Location xsi:type="xsd:string">StartSample</Location> <ExtractionInfo xsi:type="xsd:string">@ID</ExtractionInfo> </TrackPoint> <TrackPoint Type="End"> <Location xsi:type="xsd:string">EndSample</Location> </TrackPoint> </TraceInterceptorConfiguration> 12. Now, open the BAMApiSample.cs file to observe how it is structured. The key items to look at follow: The class MainApp: This class contains the main function that constructs the XML document and event stream that will be used to call the BAM Interceptor. The class DataExtractor: This class contains the extractor that returns the data within a given node of the XML document based on the XPath passed as a parameter. The XPath comes directly from the binary configuration file created by the InterceptorConfig.exe file. The #If Interceptor statements: All statements within these directives call the BAM Interceptor.
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Figure 15 5. Setting up Remote Management
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Bean Configuration
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Saving the Changes to the Database
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The ability to track workflow events was described in 13. This project relies on custom tracking events. The following code (or something similar) is included in several of the custom activities: CustomTrackingRecord userRecord = new CustomTrackingRecord("Route") { Data = { {"QueueInstanceKey", qi.QueueInstanceKey}, {"SubQueueID", qi.CurrentSubQueueID} } }; // Emit the custom tracking record context.Track(userRecord); This causes a custom tracking event to be generated, which is received and processed by the QueueTracking extension. The implementation of the Track method of this extension is shown in Listing A-1.
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Figure 9-6. Placing an order on the data 8. In the next column, if we were defining more than one column to sort, we would define the order to sort the columns in. However, we still need to add the aliases, which are found in the second column of the grid. Notice the third option, CurrentPrice. To make this column more user friendly, we make the name Latest Price, with a space. When we type this and tab out of the column, it becomes [Latest Price], as you see in Figure 9-7; SQL Server places the square brackets around the name for us because of the space.
The Master Password feature of Timbuktu allows administrators to set a password that locks users from changing any of the settings for Timbuktu s preferences. The Master Password feature should be enabled if you would rather not have remote users changing their Timbuktu settings on the computer. Use the Master Password preference pane (see Figure 15 11) to set the features that require entering the master password to enable it; all of these options should be checked.
Figure 2 10. Subscription for California Although this example is simple, it is easy to see how you can leverage this feature to create contentbased routing scenarios through the use of promoted properties. It is also possible to create message context properties that do not exist in the message itself, but only in the message context. This may be valuable when you are not allowed to modify the schema but would like to associate additional information with the document. This may be accomplished by adding a node to a property schema and setting its Property Schema Base property to MessageContextPropertyBase. This property is then available and can be set in an orchestration, and ultimately, the document may be routed based on its value. For example, perhaps you would like to calculate the age for each person processed in the preceding example, but you cannot add an Age
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