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Note All variables, regardless of whether they are local to the scope or global to the orchestration, will be rolled
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Note The default Ubuntu theme is called Human and is designed to represent the skin tones of the world s population. This is intended to reflect Ubuntu s mission of being accessible to everyone, no matter where or who they are. In fact, there are three variations of the theme available in the Appearance Preferences dialog box: Human, Human Clearlooks, and Human Murrine. All vary the design very slightly. Try them to see which you like best!
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String alertPath = r.getString(I18N_IMAGE_ALERT_ICON); Bitmap alert = Bitmap.getBitmapResource(alertPath);
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You need to be able to zoom out on an orchestration to see more of the design surface.
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Listing 8-2. The First Client of Your Component using System; using SimpleComponent; namespace FirstClientApp { class ClientOne { [STAThread] static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Client 1"); SimpleClass cls = new SimpleClass(); Console.WriteLine(cls.DoSomething("Called from client 1")); Console.ReadLine(); } } } Now that you have the first version of your component as well as the first client in place, you can start creating a new version of the component. For this purpose, you change the code of the component as shown in Listing 8-3. Listing 8-3. The Changed (Version 2) of the Component using System; using System.Reflection; [assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(false)] [assembly: AssemblyKeyFile(@"..\..\SimpleComponent.snk")] [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")] namespace SimpleComponent { public class SimpleClass { public SimpleClass() { } public string DoSomething(string a) { return string.Format("Second version {0}", a); } } }
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In earlier versions of Oracle, the query was printed near the top of the 10053 trace file. This moved to the bottom in the later versions of 9.2 and 10.1, so I have listed here the query I used. The script to create the data is big_10053.sql in the online code suite. You will notice that the table names give an obvious clue about the intent of the SQL, and that I have put the tables in the order that I think Oracle probably ought to visit them. I have also followed a convention in the where clause that each predicate should read column_i_want = value_i_know This is obviously the case with lines like the following: ggp.small_num_ggp between 100 and 150 It is less obvious, despite my intention, that this should be true on lines like this one: gp.id_ggp = When I write a line like this, it is because I am assuming that the query will follow an order of operation that means it will already have visited the greatgrandparent(ggp) table before getting to this line, so that the expression is now a constant. By writing SQL that follows this convention, I hope to give future readers of my code some clues about my understanding of the purpose of the SQL, the path I expect Oracle to take, and the indexes that might exist to support this query. You will note that, for more complex queries, I also tend to put a couple of empty comment lines on either side of each group of predicates that belong with a specific table. select count(ggp.small_vc_ggp), count(gp.small_vc_gp), count(p.small_vc_p), count(c.small_vc_c) from greatgrandparent grandparent parent child where /* and and /* and and and /* and and and and ggp.small_num_ggp between 100 and 150 */ gp.id_ggp = gp.small_num_gp between 110 and 130 */ p.id_gp = p.id_ggp = gp.id_ggp p.small_num_p between 110 and 130 */ c.id_p = c.id_gp = p.id_gp c.id_ggp = p.id_ggp c.small_num_c between 200 and 215 ggp, gp, p, c
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To make this discussion concrete, consider a control that implements a simple button. You can use the control from C# inside the Visual Studio designer like the native button, as shown in Figure 11-4.
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n/a n/a n/a 882 / 10 / 4 => 2,058 882 / 8 / 3 => 1,617 735 / 5 / 2 => 1,029 756 / 4 / 1 => 672 706 / 3 / 1 => 647 699 / 2 / 1 => 644 696 / 2 / 1 => 642 700 / 2 / 1 => 644 687 / 2 / 1 => 638 686 / 2 / 1 => 637 683 / 2 / 1 => 636 700 / 2 / 1 => 644
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Figure 3-13. Well-formatted XML document Much better than the previous one, isn t it Though not covered by our application, you can also set the QuoteChar property to decide which character to use for enclosing attribute values. The default value for QuoteChar is the double-quote character.
Figure 8-40. Detailing the ShareDetails schema objects
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Figure 5 8. Submitting Windows Phone application: pricing page 7. The submit page will load as shown in Figure 5 9 below. Check the checkbox labeled Automatically publish to Marketplace after passing certification and click the Submit for certification button.
What s in an Exception
Figure 17-22. A partial list of links
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