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Before we start with the layout design for the report, let s take a moment to analyze the report layout shown in Figure 14-1. The report lists information consisting of four different columns. What makes this report interesting are the individual pie charts showing the profit ratio for each of the products. We re all set to work on designing the report layout. Let s start adding the report by selecting the project in Solution Explorer, right-clicking it, and selecting Add New Item. Select Report in the Add New Item dialog box. Please name the report rptProductProfit.rdlc. Click the Add button to complete the process and add a new report to the project.
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protected Crawler( Set links, Set visited, Set visitedHosts, Set forbidden, Set failed, int depth ) { this.links this.visited this.forbidden this.failed this.currentHost this.depth } = links; = visited; = forbidden; = failed; = = depth;
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Once the application passes the certification process, it will be deployed to the Marketplace and downloaded and used by the consumer. The consumer will use your application and provide ratings and comments, and reports can be generated by you from the App Hub to show how your application is performing in the Marketplace. Based on the feedback you receive, you can choose to deploy an updated version that contains bug fixes and new features to users. Your ultimate goal is to create a compelling application that you know consumers will use and publish to the Marketplace. The Marketplace will cost $99 annually, which will give you access to the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Xbox 360 Marketplace. In the Windows Phone Marketplace, you can submit an unlimited number of paid applications and you can submit five free applications. Additional submissions will cost $19.99. In the Xbox 360 Marketplace, you can submit up to ten games. You will be able to observe any Marketplace activities through the report provided, like comments, ratings, and how many sold, so that you can effectively improve sales and marketing efforts. When your application is bought by consumers, Microsoft will take 30% and you get to keep 70%. Also you get your money deposited directly to your bank, and your account will be activated to receive money only when you make your first sale of $200.
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security privileges, for example, to impersonate a domain account to access database resources.
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Listing 2-20. Understanding the Difference Between the XmlWhiteSpace and XmlSignificantWhiteSpace Classes < xml version="1.0" > <root> <fullname>Nancy Davolio</fullname> <address> 23143 Sagebrush Novi, MI 48375 USA </address> </root> In the markup shown in Listing 2-20, there are several white spaces. First, there are white spaces between tags such as <root>, <fullname>, and <address>. Remember that in XML, carriage returns and line feeds are also considered white spaces. These white spaces between various elements are used mainly to improve readability of the document and are represented by the XmlWhiteSpace class. Second, there are white spaces embedded within the content of the <address> node. For example, there is a carriage return and line feed after the text Novi as well as MI 48375. These white spaces are represented by the XmlSignificantWhiteSpace class.
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' Loop through result set While rdr.Read Console.WriteLine( _ " {0} | {1}", _ rdr("companyname").ToString().PadLeft(25), _ rdr("contactname").ToString().PadLeft(20)) End While
if @ordercount > 10 raiserror ( 'Orders Count is greater than 10 - Notify the Business Manager', 16, 1 )
Please note that you should never use the CallContext to transfer the thread s current principal (i.e., information about the currently logged-in user) between client and server. This would be insecure, and a malicious client application could easily send whatever information it would like.
Raised when any type of build event occurs. Raised when the build has completed. If you are building many projects, this will occur at the end of building all of them. This is raised before the build of any projects starts. Raised when a build triggers a custom event. Raised when an error occurs during the course of the build. Raised when a message is logged. Raised after the build for each project completes. Raised before each project is built. Raised when a status event occurs. Raised after the execution of each target. Raised before the execution of each target. Raised after the execution of each task. Raised before the execution of each task. Raised when a warning event occurs.
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