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Signature types are checked after an implementation has been fully processed. This is unlike type annotations that occur directly in an implementation file, which are applied before an implementation fragment is processed. This means the type information in a signature file isn t used as part of the typeinference process when processing the implementation.
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You can configure the update policy of an application by clicking the Update button on the Publish tab (accessed from the Project Designer, which is also referred to as the Project Properties page). To see this, create a new Windows application and then select the project in Solution Explorer. Then, pull down the Project menu and choose the Properties menu item. From the Project Designer, click the Publish tab, and then click the Updates button. You should see the dialog box shown in Figure 7-6.
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Sample Use
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Creating Objects That React to Messages
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Creating Your Own Attributes
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Figure 20-7. Solution Explorer displaying the generated Entity Data Model
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Figure 4-18. Using a parameterized query
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MouseLeftButtonUp: This fires when the left mouse button is released over the control
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IL_0006: IL_0007: IL_000c: IL_0011: IL_0012: } // end of
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