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Setting File Permissions
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Figure 3-20. Client output when using one-way methods
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NOTE: This is an example of various techniques for mounting disk images. Do not use the above command on live data, as it will attempt to clean the file system. If the data should be tracked as part of an actual investigation, then proceed on with the subsequent examples. Now, we re going to add the -shadow option and follow it with the location of the shadow mount:
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Now let s focus on the TextBox controls. Add the following style attributes to these controls. <TextBox Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="24" Margin="5" FontSize="14" FontFamily="Verdana" Foreground="Blue" Background="Wheat" /> <TextBox Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="24" Margin="5" FontSize="14" FontFamily="Verdana" Foreground="Blue" Background="Wheat" /> <TextBox Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="1" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="24" Margin="5" FontSize="14" FontFamily="Verdana" Foreground="Blue" Background="Wheat" />
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using System.Globalization; 3. Paste the following code in the MainPage() constructor: .Text = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.ToString(); 4. Press F5 to run the application. You should see a phone emulator screen that looks like the one in Figure 12 2.
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Drupal strives to offer fine-grained control over the access of content and the execution of actions. It is important that you, the site administrator, can decide exactly what each user is able to see and do on the site. To support this, all users are assigned roles and permissions. A role describes a profile or use case for a user or group of users. For example, you may have roles named Moderator, Editor, and Admin. Two roles are defined by Drupal by default: The Anonymous User role is assigned to any visitor to the site who either does not have an account or is not logged in. The Authenticated User role is assigned to logged-in users. Newly registered users are automatically assigned to this role. You can see a list of roles by selecting administer access control roles (admin/access/ roles). To create a new role, type the name of the role into the text field and click Add Role. The new role will appear in the list. You can edit your new role as well, which allows you to change its name. Once you have defined a new role, it will be visible to administrators as
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portlet-menu portlet-menu-caption portlet-menu-description portlet-menu-item portlet-menu-item-selected portlet-menu-item-hover
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class ElementType { public: virtual String^ ToString() override { return String::Format( "Element {0} Symbol {1} Atomic Number {2} Atomic Weight {3}", Name, Symbol, AtomicNumber, AtomicWeight); } // ... }; Other methods are less frequently overridden, such as the Equals method on Object. Continuing with the role-playing game example, suppose we need to modify the Read method since we are storing the spell information in the file, so that needs some additional parsing in the Read method. We use override to implement the Read virtual function for the Scroll class differently from the GameObject class, as shown in Listing 8-6. Listing 8-6. Using override to Implement a Virtual Function // override.cpp using namespace System; // the game library's classes ref class GameObject { public: void Initialize(bool fromFile) { if (fromFile) { Read(); } else { // other code } } virtual void Read() { // general reading from a file for the GameObject Console::WriteLine("GameObject::Read"); } };
-a: Remove all aliases (use with care!) -a: Display all basic information -l: Display archive content but don t actually unzip
documentation, or Andrew Kennedy s four-part introduction to the topic: search for Andrew Kennedy Units of Measure Part One, or visit http://blogs.msdn.com/andrewkennedy.
Defining channels at run time At run time, channels can be created on the client with the help of a ChannelSet object, which may contain one or more Channel objects. Essentially, the process is first to create a ChannelSet object and then dynamically create channels and add channels to it. After this, the channel set is associated with the channelSet property of the RemoteObject. This is what a sample piece of code may look like:
The parity approach to RAID is a good thing, unless you are concerned about performance. There s a negative impact on performance, because writing that extra bit of parity information each and every time will add additional overhead. Let s examine several different RAID levels that use different combinations of mirroring and parity to achieve protection and speed. I don t discuss every possible RAID level, just the ones you are likely to encounter as a DBA.
Figure 1-13. Attaching the AdventureWorks database 5. Expand the Databases node, and you will see that the AdventureWorks database has been successfully added to this node, as shown in Figure 1-14.
You would like to import an existing XML schema into another schema.
<ListBox Height="150" x:Name="lstFileListing" Margin="5,5,13,5"> </ListBox> </StackPanel> </Grid> As with the previous section, the first TextBlock holds the section title. Next is a Button control called btnOpenFile. Notice that even though there is only one button, it is still placed within a StackPanel for consistency. In the future, if you want to extend this application for example, to add file deletion functionality you may want to add buttons to this StackPanel. This is purely user preference; the StackPanel really was not required in this instance. Finally, you have the ListBox that will be filled with the files in the current directory, in the same way that the directories ListBox will be filled in the top section. 8. To see what you have so far, press F5 (or choose Debug Start Debugging from the menu bar) to start your Silverlight application. Notice that Visual Studio will compile successfully and will open the browser instance. However, just when you think everything is going great and you are excited to see your beautiful form coming to life, you get an XamlParseException with a cryptic message: AG_E_PARSER_BAD_PROPERTY_VALUE [Line: 66 Position: 34]. This is caused by the fact that, within the code behind, you have not declared the delegates that are referred to in your XAML.
The first example we will show you an AIR/Flex application that allows the customer to update their Twitter (http://twitter.com) status. To get started, you will need a free account on Twitter, so open one in case you don t have one already. Twitter changed their cross-domain policy and they are not allowing anyone to access their site via crossdomain requests because of a security hole that was found. You can see Twitter cross-domain policy at http://twitter.com/crossdomain.xml. At the time of writing, you can only access Twitter API in Flash originating from twitter.com (see Figure 13-1).
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