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HTTPService component to access the Twitter search API.
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When instantiating a CAO (either by using a custom factory SAO as shown in 3 or by using the default RemoteActivation.rem SAO that is provided by the framework when the CAO is registered at the server side), a serialized ObjRef will be returned by the server. This ObjRef is taken as a base to initialize the Identity object, and a reference to it will also be kept by the Identity. The ObjRef stores the unique URL to the CAO. This URL is based on a GUID and looks like the following: /b8c0c989_68be_40d6_97b2_0c3fda5bb7ad/1014675796_1.rem Additionally, the ObjRef object stores the server s base URL, which has also been returned by the server.
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The <item> element repeats multiple times, once for each article or item of interest that is being publicized in the feed. There is a hard limit of 15 items permissible in the channel. The items includes a title describing the data to be
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Figure 10-16. Adding unique rows to test_Employees
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Now let s look at our first program (Listing 1-1) and see how the language looks in actual code. read datamatrix
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Figure 13-3. The simple Twitter Updater interface The new updated code includes a text input and an update button. Once you click the update button, the updateStatus method is called.
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User Interaction with a Windows Service
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Figure 7-26. List of invoices Click on the different Invoice ID links, and notice on the Invoices.aspx pages that the SiteMapPath control displays the dynamic Invoice ID number (Figure 7-27).
Writing a custom message adapter involves the following steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. Use the BlazeDS (or LCDS) API to write a custom message adapter. Configure the adapter in services-config.xml so that destinations can use it. Refer to this custom adapter in a message destination. Create producers and consumers and send and receive messages using this custom adapter.
Creating an XSD Schema Manually
Product ID of an item Quantity of ProductID Primary key Cart ID for which this order has been placed Date and time at which the order was placed Total amount of the order Street address where the order is to be shipped Country of shipment State of shipment City of shipment Postal code of shipment Primary key A unique cart ID Product ID from the Products table Quantity of a selected product
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