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Figure 8-16. The Silverlight navigation application project template 3. When the New Silverlight Application dialog appears, select the default to host the Silverlight application in a new ASP.NET web application named NavTemplate.Web. Press OK to continue. When the project is created by Visual Studio, you will notice that a number of pages have already been created for you, as shown in Figure 8-17. The base navigation project contains a main page called MainPage.xaml that hosts the Navigation Frame, and two Navigation Pages in the Views folder: About.xaml and Home.xaml. In addition there is a ErrorWindow.xaml page view that is created.
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Instrumenting Your Program with the System.Diagnostics Namespace
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Let s try getting a bit closer with AUTO mode. Run the query in Listing 17-4. Click the row and you should see the results in Figure 17-4.
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inux is more than just software. It s an entire community of users, and as such, there s a detailed social history behind it. In this chapter, we ll look at the origins of Linux, both in terms of where it came from and the people who make it. You might be tempted to skip this chapter and move on to the information about installing Ubuntu. To be fair, nothing of vital technical importance is mentioned here. But it s important that you read this chapter at some stage, because Linux is more than simply the sum of its parts. It s far more than simply a set of computer programs. If nothing else, this chapter explains the fundamental philosophies behind Linux and attempts to answer some of the often-baffling questions that arise when Linux is considered as a whole.
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Security with Remoting in .NET 2.0 (Beta)
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Finally, you can use the dynamic operator, also defined in 9, to make the lookups slightly more natural: > match "This is a string is super" with | MatchGroups "( <word1>T\w+).*( <word2>s\w+)" groups -> (groups word1, groups word2) | _ -> failwith "nothing matched" val it : string * string = ("This", "super")
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The Rectangle option is similar to the GroupBox control in Windows Forms; you can use this item to arrange information in a report as groups. For example, you can put all the addressrelated report contents in a rectangle item, and then you can move all that information at once on the design surface as many times as you want. Figure 2-12 shows an example of a rectangle item. You ll also notice that I changed the BorderStyle property.
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Once the copy is complete, double-click on the Install Retrospect Engine. This will bring up the Welcome to the Retrospect Installer screen. Click on the Continue button, agree to the Software License Agreement, and then click on the Continue button again. Next, you ll be presented with the Standard Install screen. Here, you can click on the Change Install Location button to select a different drive to perform the installation on, as you can see in Figure 18 17.
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Figure 1-3. Advanced account options
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'Handler for OnRowUpdating Sub OnRowUpdating( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As SqlRowUpdatingEventArgs _ ) ListBox1.Items.Add("Entering OnRowUpdating Event Handler") If Not e.Status = UpdateStatus.Continue Then ListBox1.Items.Add( _ "RowStatus = " & e.Status.ToString() _ ) End If End Sub
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A filter: A mechanism to filter the machine, process, and thread to select the set of threads that will be suspended when the breakpoint is hit An action: Something to be executed when the breakpoint is hit
CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
ClientContextTerminatorSink [IMessageSink] Optional dynamic sinks [IDynamicMessageSink] Optional prepocessing [IMessagesSink] Formatter [IClientFormatterSink/IMessageSink] Optional preporcessing [IClientChannelSink] Transfer channel [IClientChannelSink]
Figure 5-33. Drill-through information for the selected product number The Product Information and Inventory Status report is a two-in-one report. Initially, the report will list the brief production information with the product list price. However, inventory status details can be viewed for any given product by clicking the product number. Multitask reports like this are used by various departments in a company. Folks who just want to have a quick look at the product list can have what they want. A detailed inventory status with storage location information is helpful for others who use the information to carry on further business processes, for example, when the year-end physical count of inventory takes place for auditing purposes.
Figure 11-50. What happens when SQL Server terminates execution 7. The final example demonstrates how to reraise the same error that caused the CATCH block to fire. Recall with RAISERROR it is only possible to list a number or a local variable. Unfortunately, it is not possible to call the relevant function directly or via a SELECT statement. It is necessary to load the values in to local variables. DECLARE @Probs int SELECT 'This will work' BEGIN TRY SELECT @Probs='Not Right' SELECT 10+5, 'This will also work, however the error means it will not run' END TRY BEGIN CATCH DECLARE @ErrMsg NVARCHAR(4000) DECLARE @ErrSeverity INT DECLARE @ErrState INT SELECT 'Blimey! An error'
3. Click the Download button to download SQL2000SampleDb.msi, and click Save in the dialog box that appears. 4. Specify your installation location (such as the desktop) and click Save. When the download is complete, click Close. 5. Run the SQL2000SampleDb.msi file to start the installation process. The Welcome window shown in Figure 1-3 will appear. Click Next.
Figure 4-13. Browsing data with Management Studio
In the Facts Explorer, expand the Predicates folder, and select the Less Than predicate. Drag and drop this on the rule condition. On the argument1 entry in the IF section of the rule composition window, drag and drop the custom vocabulary parameter ApplicantAge you created in an earlier step. On the argument2 entry in the IF section, drag and drop the custom vocabulary parameter MinimumAge you created earlier. In the THEN section of the rule composition window, drop the ApplicantRole parameter (created earlier).
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