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THE PORTLET API DEFINES several interfaces for working with preferences and settings for the portal, the portlet application, and the current user of the portlet. Portlets access information about the portal that they are currently running in through the PortalContext object. The configuration settings for the application are available from the PortletConfig class. The portlet accesses and persists individual settings and preferences transparently with the PortletPreferences object. In a typical portlet application, each user has preferences or configuration information that should be stored. You can use portlet preferences instead of creating a database table and code for each user. The portal may use a database or another form of storage to store the preferences, but the portlet does not need to know the details. Portlets that use proprietary portal features will have to determine whether the portal supports them with the portal context. You can use the PortletConfig class to determine any deployment-specific data for the application. Another information source is the PortletContext class, which we covered in 4. This class provides context-wide initialization parameters. In this chapter, we are going to demonstrate how to use the portal context and portlet configuration and preferences to access configuration information from a portlet.
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This sets the maximum frame rate to allow for animation. It defaults to 24 frames per second. This is particularly useful for applications that use a lot of animation. Should you want to smooth out the animation, you can adjust the frame rate for the optimal effect.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <portlet-app xmlns="" version="1.0" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <portlet> <description>Preferences Validation Portlet</description> <portlet-name>PreferencesValidationPortlet</portlet-name> <display-name>Preferences Validation Portlet</display-name> <portlet-class>com.portalbook.portlets.PreferencesValidationPortlet </portlet-class> <expiration-cache>0</expiration-cache> <supports> <mime-type>text/html</mime-type> <portlet-mode>VIEW</portlet-mode> </supports> <supported-locale>en</supported-locale> <portlet-info> <title>Preferences Validation Portlet</title> <short-title>Validation</short-title> <keywords>Preferences,Validation</keywords> </portlet-info>
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The Track() method first logs some generic information. It then determines what type of tracking record it has received. It does this by essentially casting the parameter to one of the derived types. If the cast was successful, it uses the derived type to log type-specific information. The pertinent information is obtained, formatted, and written to the ListBox.
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We ll now discuss the purpose of these remaining pages in turn. error.jsp provides error handling for the user should an unexpected problem arise during processing of the application. We have implemented the bare minimum, and merely report the exception to the user. A professional application should translate this into plain English for the user. index.jsp provides the full listing of forums available to the user and permits them to select a forum for a detailed view of the threads it contains.
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Figure 15-5. The report design surface with header and body sections
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gksu gedit /etc/hdparm.conf 2. Click Search Find, and in the box, type spindown_time. 3. Click the Find button. You should find that a line in the file is now highlighted.
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click the New Printer button.
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Portlet Application Packaging
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You can find the Server Admin application inside the folder /Applications/Server on any OS X server box, or any client onto which you ve installed the Server Admin tools (available on the downloads section of Apples support web site). Once you have the application open, you can get to the File Sharing interface by highlighting the server container in the Server Admin List, then clicking on File Sharing. Here, you can browse your file systems or share points and assign both POSIX and ACL permissions. Server Admin is a pretty good tool for modifying POSIX permissions, but it has no direct concept of execution. There is no way to set the execution bit exclusively using this tool: if you assign Read privileges to a folder, it will include execution. When assigned to a file, the Read permission includes only read, not execution. This probably isn t a bad thing, as the number of scenarios where execution privileges need to be applied to files should be pretty rare, and the likelihood for human error would be high. Thus, the added consideration required to fire up a command line tool to grant execution rights to specific files isn t necessarily a bad thing. You can modify POSIX owners and groups by dragging them into the respective slots and then choosing the appropriate level of permission for each. To create ACLs for users and groups, drag them into the ACL list and apply appropriate permissions. Apple has several basic presets for you to use: Full Control, Read & Write, Read Only, Write Only, and Custom. Table 4 2 illustrates these privileges mappings when applied to files and directories.
Each communication with remote objects is based on messages that are sent across the wire. The IMessage interface is the base interface for messages and therefore contains communication data sent between two parties. Basically, the IMessage interface defines a dictionary object containing the message properties only. Within one .NET Remoting object, the message is passed through a set of sinks
With an application type, entity/node value type, and application value, this member retrieves a common value. If a cross-reference does not exist, a blank will be returned. If the application type or entity/node value type does not exist, an exception will be thrown. With a common value, application type, and entity/node type, this retrieves the application value. If a cross-reference does not exist, a blank will be returned. If the application type or entity/node value type does not exist, an exception will be thrown
CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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