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After the application is created, the creationCompletehandler is called, so this is where you add a new external method called gotoAddress. This will allow the JavaScript on the page to navigate the map to any address it wishes. Note that you need to pass the application name, which you extract using the following code:
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Table 3-3. Wildcard Characters Wildcard
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Even though using an asymmetric/symmetric combination such as HTTPS/SSL for the encryption of the network traffic provides the only real security, in some situations HTTPS isn t quite helpful. First, .NET Remoting by default only supports encryption when using an HTTP channel and when hosting the server-side components in IIS. If you want to use a TCP channel or host your objects in a Windows service, there s no default means of secure communication.
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Keys tab.
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21. Drag the CustomerFirstName field to the detail row (the middle row) of the first column. 22. Drag the CustomerLastName field to the detail row (the middle row) of the second column. 23. Drag the TitleDescription field to the detail row (the middle row) of the third column. Your columns should now resemble those shown in Figure 14-7.
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private String message; public void setMessage(String message) { this.message = message; } public void run() { status.setText(message); } } }
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The stack semantics variable is converted to a handle using the unary % operator before being passed into the function. The function operates on a reference to the handle. Changing the object through this handle does affect the object, since the object itself is never copied. The subsequent action to reset the object handle does affect the heap handle, since it is passed in directly, but it does not affect the temporary handle to the stack object created using the unary % operator. Thus, the stack variable still points to the original object, with the property value set to 3, but the heap variable points to a new object with the property value 5. So the output of Listing 4-26 is as follows: Final value, stack semantics: 3 Final value, heap semantics: 5
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In this example, you can adjust the clickHandler method and escape HTML and script tags. When you set the split method, you can be more specific and point to particular HTML elements or just look for a character:
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In addition to the orchestration, you have also created a receive pipeline to validate the canonical order schema, an envelope, and a send pipeline to batch the canonical order and order response documents into a single interchange. Open your orchestration in Visual Studio, and perform the following steps to implement the pipeline calls: 1. From the toolbox, drag the following shapes onto the orchestration design surface: a. Drag a Scope shape named Execute Receive Pipeline directly below the Construct Canonical Order Message shape, and set the Transaction Type property to Atomic.
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