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The ToDoListPortlet Class
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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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public class TimesheetReturningStaticPointcutImpl extends StaticMethodMatcherPointcut { public boolean matches(final Method method, final Class type) { if( !TimesheetService.class.isAssignableFrom(type)) { return false; } if(!Timesheet.class.isAssignableFrom(method.getReturnType())) { return false; }
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In addition to Uri Mapping, the Navigation Framework in Silverlight supports Uri Routing. For example, if you placed all of your navigation views in a subdirectory named Views, you can follow a naming convention that you set. Then setup Uri Routes such as the following:
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into a web-based application. In some cases, part of the vendor-provided content delivery is a display portlet that can save you a lot of development effort. One disadvantage of CMS tools with content delivery is that they often include page assembly features, for delivering a web page with navigation, headers, and footers. This is not very useful from a portal perspective, where the portal page provides the interface. Usually there is a way to access the raw content directly, without any of the page assembly. A common use of content management systems is to introduce workflow into the content production process. A classic business use case for a CMS project involves a content producer creating a Microsoft Word file locally and then uploading it into the CMS. His manager gets a review notice through e-mail and logs into the CMS. The manager approves the content inside the CMS, and the content is ready for delivery. Most enterprise CMS applications will have workflow or an approval process for publishing built-in. The level of automation and custom development varies from CMS to CMS. Sometimes it can be very easy to create a complex content review process that turns out to be unwieldy for the end user in practice. Bottlenecks will start to appear, especially with different levels of approval. Creating a ready for review portlet for a CMS is usually a straightforward development project involving a proprietary API. Content production and authoring is a newer technology that has become more popular with the availability of rich text or HTML authoring controls for web pages. These content-creation tools could be Java applets, ActiveX controls, DHTML, Flash, or any other client-side technology. Some CMS applications come with these as part of an authoring workspace. The rapid adoption of WebDAV in desktop applications means that these controls may not be the best solution for your users, especially if they are already familiar with tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. It is easy enough to embed one of the client-side HTML authoring tools into a portlet saving the HTML onto the server will depend on the CMS. Personalization is a feature that somewhat overlaps with portals. Your content management system may support varying levels of personalization, some of which may coincide with your portal vendor s personalization product. If you have to choose between the two, the portal s personalization will work for other applications running on the portal, but the CMS personalization will be portable across multiple portals. Ideally, future versions of the portlet API will standardize personalization, so this will become less of a problem. Almost every CMS includes some level of search support, whether it is a simple SQL query interface or an integrated search engine like Verity or Lucene. The Java Content Repository API defines a standard for queries and query languages that should gain support from Java-based CMS vendors. The trickiest part of external search engine integration with a CMS and a portal will be indexing the CMS properly. If your site includes multiple user groups with different access to content, you should consider a federated search approach, as we described in 10 for Lucene. Commercial search vendors will have their own recommendations, and will probably offer ready-made JSR 168 portlets either now or in the near future.
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At times the XML data that you are processing might be using XML namespaces. In such cases you may want to find out information about the namespace the XML data is using. The Name property of the XElement class provides a convenient place to obtain all the information about namespaces. To illustrate the use of the Name property we will create an application as shown in Figure 13-13.
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Figure 28-6. The Updates tab lets you choose which repository categories you wish to use.
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.NET Remoting Overview
Tape ARchive; software able to combine several files into one larger file in order to back them up to a tape drive or simply transfer them across the Internet. Such files are usually indicated by a .tar file extension. Note that a tar file isn t necessarily compressed; the bzip2 and gzip utilities must be used if this is desired.
./ -u Administrator join -f
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